Paisley Chevreaun ch4

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How could I have been so stupid? I thought, as I attempted to finish up my packing. My mom said that Anabel's dad only has a college degree in whatever job he was doing.


   Which meant, that until he finds what else he's passionate about doing, we had to move into a bigger house where me and Anabel didn't have to share a room and where we had more space for my aunt and parents as well. "Paisley? How is packing coming in there? Because we have to be out of here soon, honey. Your grandparents have been kind enough to let us stay there for awhile until we find a place that we can manage with," my mom called.


   I stepped outside of my bedroom and leaned against the door. "So, we have to move from a small space, to an even SMALLER space, to be able to afford a DECENT space?!" I asked, kind of shouting. "Well, when you put it that way, then...yes! By the way; please try not to shout..inside voice, k..fdfgcrbjgrg," My head cocked to the side. "Is something wrong, Paisley?" mom asked, worriedly. "N--no I just thought I heard you wrong that's all.."


   "Okay? Well just finish packing, kay? You're dad's coming home from work soon to help you pack up the rest of your things," I nodded and went back into my room. "Well..I guess this is it," I sighed, looking around my room for the last time .


   Later that day, my dad came into my room to help pack. "So you're seriously ready for this?" my dad asked, boxing some of my gymnastics trophies. "Yeah; no I think it's just something we just have to do, you know..f---for" He raised his eyebrows in disbelief.


   "I don't believe you. You grew up here, it's okay to feel strange about leaving, you know?" I nodded. "I think I'm ready, though..I mean between school, gymnastics meets, and weekly doctor visits, this is a little more pressure, but I'll be fine!" He smiled. "Good. Glad to see you're looking at this positively. Oh; by the way, you have your weekly checkup tomorrow!" I gave the thumbs up. "Thanks, dad. I'll grab the air mattress. I need some rest so that I'll be ready for this doctor's appointment! It makes the hearing exercises THAT much worse if you're already half asleep."


   I laughed, but soon my smile faded as my father left the room. Wait a minute! I thought to myself, sitting on the chair in the corner of my bedroom. Maybe I can ask the nurse if she has any idea what's going on with my hearing today! I took off my left turquoise hearing aid and turned up the volume a bit. "Well, I'd better finish packing..."



Chapter Three:







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Not to nitpick, but you specified in the previous chapters that Paisley's heating aids were turquoise, but here you said they were yellow
commented Oct 30, 2016 by rae (87,390 points)
There. Does that satisfy you, Miss Goldilocks?

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