The Golden Collar!!!!

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asked Aug 21, 2016 in Writing Contests by rae (84,710 points)


By: Rae (reagan aka)


Hold your breath for five minutes and try not to explode. That's the pain that I feel in my gut now. My eyes are still puffy and stinging from crying so hard the night before. Head pounding, heart impaled, I walked to the kitchen for breakfast, when suddenly I forget about eating at all. I see a picture of me and my dog when I first got her. She was such a tiny pup! And sadly, she didn't live to grow much larger. Then, I walked over to her bowl and dog bed below the barstool; some blonde hair still freshly laid upon it. I blame bacteria. I blame pain and suffering, and heartbreak, and agony. I blame doctors. And geniuses, who don't seem to do anything from which they're described. I blame Cancer. Suddenly, it all just becomes too much to bear so I turn and run into my room. On the way, my foot is punctured golden collar. Her name was engraved in the metal. I touched it with my thumb and ran and jump onto my bed. My parents were already there. They held me closely and patted my back. They comforted me and made me feel safe and comfortable. Later that day, I went outside and buried her favorite chew-toy close to her tiny gravestone in our backyard. I called, "Rest in Peace, Goldie!" Up to the heavens, arms spread wide. For I knew, she was already up there, waiting for me and my family to come play with her someday, and may we return to her; the golden collar. 


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answered Aug 21, 2016 by GemHeart
selected Aug 22, 2016 by rae
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I love this Rae. It had me sad at the beginning.
commented Aug 22, 2016 by rae (84,710 points)

I don't know if it's a compliment or not but anyway thanks! laugh

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answered Aug 27, 2016 by jazzlinny (37,330 points)
OMG! Rae this is amazing! You will definetly get at least the Top 3. I just need more enteries!
commented Aug 28, 2016 by rae (84,710 points)
Cool thanks.
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answered Sep 20, 2016 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (158,330 points)
I love it! I was really sad just like GemHeart at first
commented Sep 21, 2016 by rae (84,710 points)

I repeat,

Is that a compliment or insult? Because I think the goal was to make the story seem sad and then gently lighten at the end. I just wanted to experience a little bit of material about loss; but it won't be one of my major stories like with Shark Bait and Paisley Chevreaun. 



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