What languages you speak?

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asked Aug 23, 2016 in Today I Learned... by rae (87,620 points)

I speak English, German, Spanish, and Japanese. On a scale of how good I am to how bad I am, here's the order. 

English--my first language. 

Spanish--my second language; I have studied it from for about 3 years now. 

Japanese-- it's my third language and i use HelloTalk to learn it because i'm trying to get fluent. although that may happen first in spanish. i speak and understand spanish WAAAY better than either of these. 

German--my third language, been studying for like 2-3 years I can't remember. But I love Germany and the language and culture, as I do the rest of these options. 


*DISCLAIMER* i took french out because i'm not learning it anymore and forgot like all of it so now i'm learning japanese. even though i've gotten the IDEA of learning german before japanese, my japanese is way better and i've spent tons more time on learning japanese before i got back into german recently. *DISCLAIMER*

commented Dec 3, 2016 by teamkatniss
I speak English, Spanish, French, German, and my friend Kaido is teaching me Estonian
commented Dec 8, 2016 by Lollypopqueen (35,020 points)
I speak Spanish, I'm fluent in French, I speak latin, and some chines.:)
commented Dec 30, 2016 by coolNO

I speak English as my first language. My gandfather is from Peru so i speak some Spanish.And my great aunt is from France so I learn French but I'm still learning the basics.

commented Jun 12, 2017 by rae (87,620 points)
REALLY?!!??!!??? i've been dying to know: how does it feel to be fluent in a language?!? i REALLY wanna be. i think that'll be really cool. especially in spanish. i can pick up a few words in spanish (depending on the observed dialect--my dialect is mexican), but i soon hope to be able to say everything i want without grammar difficulty
commented Mar 25, 2020 by lingonberry
my first language is English and I am learning French  and German
commented Jul 7, 2020 by human
English is my first language and I speak some French. I’m taking German as my second foreign language in school next year, but I might do Spanish at home on the side. I can also understand about 8 words in Danish. I use Duolingo, it’s really good!

To be honest I can barely speak English without breaking into random gibberish XD
commented Jul 13, 2020 by J498um
I speak a really unknown language do you know Dhivehi language bet never heard of it

އައްސަލާމު އަލައިކުމް ކިހިނެށް ހާލު

meaning hello how are you

we speak Dhivehi do you know a place called Maldives its in the Indian Sea

we have small islands in it I'm from one of those islands......
commented Nov 8, 2020 by anonymous
Rae, I know this is old, but my great uncle (I think.) and his wife speak Spanish as a second language, and they said that they dream in both English and Spanish. That sounds so cool.
commented Nov 8, 2020 by Ammy K.
J498um, that is SO COOL!

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answered Aug 28, 2016 by IKnights (590 points)
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I speak English as my native language. However, I know some spanish because it seems to be the only language most shows use as a second language. But I actually learned French and some German. I use Duolingo to learn other languages.
commented Sep 30, 2016 by rae (87,620 points)
¡Me tambien!
commented Jun 11, 2017 by ilovedogs
Oh I use Duolingo too!
commented Mar 25, 2020 by lingonberry
same I love duolingo
commented Jul 7, 2020 by im kanye (373,640 points)
this actually sounds like something I would write and the name is so similar to my own-
commented Jan 8 by Vivi

I used to it was amazing hai

commented Jan 12 by anonymous
Duolingo is good, but I quit after a while because I started to get so busy. I still get a bunch of promotional emails, though. I didn't know that Duolingo was so popular.
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answered Jan 12 by anonymous
First of all, way to go for the Japanese! I thought that it was really hard to learn! I speak English and Spanish. I'm not much of a language person. Why hasn't anybody learned Gaelic? We need some good, old, Gaelic or even ancient Gaelic! You guys should learn Russian, too.

Also, I'm not sure if it counts, but I also do some Latin and a tiny bit of Greek.
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answered Jan 8 by Vivi
Oh ya and I speak gibberish and aribic
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answered Jan 8 by Vivi
I speak English, French ,Spanish, German,Australian,and British.
commented Jan 12 by anonymous
British? Really? That's probably the easiest, just tweak the English and some Northern Gibberish. (Just kidding...maybe. Have you heard them talk?)
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answered Jan 7 by Autumn (25,970 points)
I speak bengali as my first language.

And I'm learning: arabic, english, urdu/hindi, persian, indonesian, turkish.
commented Jan 8 by JD2005

Bengali is my first language too! teeth_smile

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answered Nov 8, 2020 by anonymous
I speak English fluently, and I am learning French with Duolingo now. I studied Latin in the past, and it has helped me learn French, even though now I forget a lot of Latin. Someday in the future, I would like to learn Norwegian or German.
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answered Nov 7, 2020 by Cookie monster
I'm learning french
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answered Aug 3, 2020 by Jane
I almost always speak English. Whenever my mom or dad say a word that I've never heard before, sometimes I think it's in Spanish. My mom used to call my cat Timon Monsuier Fluff (that's Mr. Fluff in French). I know a tiny bit of French. The colors of the rainbow.
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by Love
I speeke france} divahi} English} spanish} korian} hindy}
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answered Jul 7, 2020 by im kanye (373,640 points)
English, Spanish and a little bit of Chinese. I might want to know a little of another European language, but my current language affairs seem to need tending to.

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