Thê $trây Çrêâtûrês øf Røssvîllê: Çhâptêr Twø

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The bright blue skies stretched endlessly, casting a peculiar light into the board, lush forest. Many a scurrying could be distinguished through the gently wavering ferns and other, colorful plants. But then a slender, bright-eyed, light brown Marten crept out from behind a rustling shrub disturbing the peacefulness.

There was more to this animal that met the foolish, unobserving eyes of man- the Marten held her head high, her white-splashed chest puffed out, and her green eyes unwavering- all in what seemed as a sign of proudness. Her bottlebrush tail twisted nonchalantly as she leaped onto the nearest, lowest tree and scrambled up it.

"Squawk-eak! Squawk-eak!"

The Marten drew her small head up and peered through the leaves. A grey squirrel was on the same, sturdy branch she was on, saying Squawk-eak! Squawk-eak! louder and louder still until its beady little eyes caught sight of her.

"Kuk! Kuk! Kuk!" it warned of immeadite danger, but then jerked its bunchy tail as a threat.

The Marten lurched forward, snapping her jaws. The squirrel's neck broke quickly, squealing, as it fell to the tree's limb with a tiny thud, scarlet blood welling around the Marten's teeth and her prey's throat fur.

Another small squirrel's slow signal of that the danger had passed, sounded dismally through the forest in a drawn out cry: "Kuk...kuk...kuk."

The Marten had just won another battle...



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answered Sep 18, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (118,590 points)
Not bad!
commented Sep 18, 2016 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
Thanks Owl =)

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