Ok; here's the deal...

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asked Nov 12, 2016 in Other by rae (85,250 points)
Everybody needs to please just SHUT UP about this nonsense with the election. Everybody has a perspective, but that doesn't always mean you have to be mean about it. Keep comments that may be offensive or rude to yourselves. I'm not gunna write a novel, but that just needed to be said.

And you flaggers can g'head and FLAG AWAY if you don't like my language at he beginning because I honestly could care less. A lot less. Your words don't hurt me, nor do your actions. Not trying to offend anyone by saying LITERALLY ANYTHING that I just did, so none of you other people start accusing me of anything, either. Bye.

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answered Nov 14, 2016 by ilovedogs
I agree. Everyone is arguing about it and flagging people for no reason . Maybe we should stop talking about it. Because it is so annoying reading what people are typing and how disrespectful they are being to people that like Trump or Hillary just because they like the opposet.

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Calling all writers! Anybody is welcome to enter their original, 3,000 word or less, short story to my contest! Enter it with the question "AbsoluteOwl's Contest Entry" ... as soon as possible. I hope to see many authors and stories! Good Luck!

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They even pretended to be Knight's sister and put the "too lazy to login". But trust me, that's not me. I know it's not a coincidence, so whoever you are, please stop.

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1. Try to walk or ride a bike for 2-4 miles sometimes. 2. if you go to Walmart get Smart-Ones or Lean Cuisine those are healthy meals! 3. Don't drink a lot of soda. 4. ... or twice a month. And you have to face it......it's hard but REALLY worth it!

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Hey guys! For a while now, I have been holding a short story contest! Unfortunately, I have had very few entries, and I know there are some AMAZING author here on ... entries I will post a leaderboard. I hope to see a variety of stories! Good luck!

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this is my favorite. here is the place a got it from:https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/24/rejected-emojis_n_5610547.html. highlight and drag that into a new tab

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Roblox : Minecraft : Use the emojis to place your vote

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