hello guys. Im sorry for my long absence

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asked Dec 2, 2016 in Other by Cow Boy (32,020 points)
I will be thinking of a story to write

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answered Dec 2, 2016 by ilovedogs

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Hay guys it's me Twilight I'm sorry its been so long since I been here. Did you miss me? Well I'm going to try to my best to remember to do my ... but Green Eyes has been discontinued but you probably don't remember what story I'm talking about.

asked Apr 25, 2017 in Other by Twilight
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Hello everyone. I haven't been active here in SO long that I don't even know who's relevant anymore... like are GymnastPower and Cindy still active? Is LouLou? I don' ... . So if anyone still remembers me, hey. And if not then nice to meet you lol.

asked Jul 11, 2018 in Other by rae (85,250 points)
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Hiya Lou-Lou!!!! Sounds like your in a bit of a mishap.but don't worry ! These feelings are really confusing,but you can straighten them up. First,take a deep ... everyone has them.really hopes this helps! Thanks ! Bye for now. - Yours truly, Vivi

asked Jul 7, 2017 in Ask Vivi by Vanilla Bean (84,780 points)
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hey guys it is me Kenna and i wanna tell you how awesome you are for being there for people and in the comments wright what you are thankful for i am always ... and sound also happy thanks giving and i hope your food and drinks are wonderful -kenna

asked Nov 26, 2019 in Other by kenna
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Hey, everyone! I am so sorry in FOR EVER! I have been really busy. And... I have NOT finished the Percy Jackson Books because I took a break to read Keeper of the Lost ... dinner with my parents. See you all soon! Bye! Your just as sane as I am. LLM

asked Nov 26, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (187,450 points)
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I am no longer continuing Astell. I have no ideas for it at all and have been to busy to write it and have two other series im working on (Rise of the Wolves and The Story ... up on it, so that it may be continued, but i am writing no more of it.

asked Feb 16, 2019 in Other by Overcomer of Dark (7,720 points)
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I won't be on Kidztalk as much as i used to :(. My reasons: THE WRATH OF SECURLY://! At school we have chromebooks, but mine has been acting weird. You see, on the ... won't be here as much. PS: I might make a new story called: The WRATH of Securly!

asked Nov 12, 2019 in Personal by SnickerDoodles
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Dear Kidztalkers, I am very sorry I haven't been on Kidzsearch lately, homework has taken up a lot of my time from the Kidzsearch community. I am glad so for that my ... to come back here more often. For now, I wish you all well, -Luna Midnight

asked Dec 20, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (83,550 points)
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yay my birthday is tomorrow im so excited cant wait im turning 10

asked Aug 22, 2017 in Other by emojicongirl
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It should be main colors like red blue silver gold

asked Jun 22, 2016 in Other by Evey
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It should be main colors like red blue silver gold

asked Jun 22, 2016 in Other by anonymous
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So, I've been here since October 2018, it's the third month of 2019, making December four months ago; then, November would be five months ago, and October would be six ... till I become a one year official user...man I'm thinking too much about this.

asked Mar 1, 2019 in Other by toad aka star (298,420 points)
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asked Feb 10, 2019 in Personal by anonymous
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so yeah I have to pack for my trip but I am still going to be active mor and I can tell u that I am going to mybe do some collab with some you it depend's but yeah

asked Aug 24, 2016 in Personal by ~ececgem~ (4,470 points)
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I might not be on for a while, but I will try to keep up with Lorekeeper and other stuff. Sorry!

asked Apr 9, 2019 in Other by Ammy K.
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I will be VERY busy, and I might not be able to come on Kidzsearch again for a VERY long time. I'm sorry! I will miss all of you! Goodbye!

asked Sep 2, 2019 in Other by Ammy-K (18,400 points)
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You guys I'm sorry about everything because you haven't seen me for a while but I will tell you why. Lately I found out this new app called piano tiles 2 it is ... I'm rally streast but can't you believe it whef. Goodnight see you in the morning!

asked Feb 8, 2018 in Other by Dumpling
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I'm so sorry for leaving its just all this drama has been happening and so I felt like going away for a while and don't worry I'm not changing my name or anything else plz don't be mad at me

asked Jul 11, 2017 in Other by Twlilght stardust forgot to register
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Sorry I'm falling behind on Green Eyes its hard to ceep up but if you really want to read more of Green Eyes I'll do my best.

asked Mar 24, 2017 in Other by BIG GREEN EYE§
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I'm soooooo sorry! I was real busy getting my rats over the holidays, and my mom took away my tablet! But I'm back now...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

asked Jan 1, 2017 in Other by -GEMHeart- (271,310 points)
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Not enough voting is going on in these debates and without lots of votes. these debates will be more boring. Sorry shopkin lovers!

asked Apr 27, 2016 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (159,320 points)
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Well my dad's office was damaged by the ef3 that hit Canton,TX!

asked May 9, 2017 in Other by TylerTheDrummer (73,270 points)
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so I was going onto my email and every time I see my email I notice emails from KidzSearch. I always ignore them but today I was bored so I decided to log back on! ... 2 years omg I made so many friends and memories here :0 does anyone remember me??

asked Nov 9, 2019 in Other by jazzlinny (37,370 points)
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I was just wondering :-)

asked Jul 12, 2017 in Other by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,040 points)

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