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                  how to groom, tack, and ride a horse
I am doing a how to about horses
step one: get your tack box
step two: get your curry comb                                                      and brush your horse around
 in circles
step three: get your soft brush and brush your horses body, face, legs and belly
step four: get your hard brush and brush your horses body
step five: get your tack box and get your tack 
step six: get you saddle pad and put it on 
step seven: get your saddle and put it on and get your girth and tighten it up so the saddle doesn't slip and you fall
step eight: put your bridle on and put your bit in your horses mouth
step nine: put your horse next to the mounting block
step ten: get on ad check you stirrups and squeeze to walk and steer with your reins and put your horse on the rail
step eleven: put your horse into a trot and post that means going up and down on the beat of the horse
step twelve: make sure your on the correct diagonal 
if you not sit for two beats
step 13: sit and squeeze with you outside leg and canter
step fourteen: to jump you need to trot or canter and when you get close do your jumping position that means crouch over the horses neck and make you back straight
step 15: squeeze and jump over doing your jumping position also know as 2point 
that is all I can write about but if you want to ride get a coach

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