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Then the boy said," My name is Jacob." I was sad I thought it was John from our school but I said sadly," Oh, you look like my friend named John from my school its Violets boyfriend." Then I saw a look on Abbys face saying I-love-him. Abby and Jacob both said at the same time," I love you." So Abby had someone finally and Jacob agreed to help us find Cassie and don't worry about waking me up when I have a white out. Then Abby said," Hey Jacob where do you live?" I was hoping he would say where he lived but I... *whites out.* Sees Cassie then it zooms out and I see where she is *wakes up.* Then I heard Abby saying to Nick and Jacob," You should have waited  to wake her up but you did anyway." Then I said," Lets go I found where she is."
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how do you copy someone byexedent  "

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Mary asked what happened so I said," Did I faint, if I did I think its called a white out because saw someone let me think who it was." Mary then said," Yes you did ... saw a look on the boys face saying I-hate-you. Then I said, " Whats your name."

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CHAPTER 3~~~~~~~ Fernanada and I start down the dark street. I hold on to my handle bars tight. Letting go could kill her, and maybe even kill me if the bike ... hear gunshots! I turn to look, but what I see is something I thought I would never.

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Zeke put my bike in is truck bed and we where off to pick up my friends from there houses. When we picked up Violet, Nick, and Abby we went to Mary's house ... if there is any errors in my writing just comment. If you want more just like or comment

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its not scary its just sounds like it. I recommend this book ages 10 and up when I make it this is just a trailer saying I am making a book. Its action packed and ... and sad it will take awhile to make so plz wait. hope you will like my book

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The wolf finally came up to them but not enough to see his whole face. "Who goes there?" bellowed Luna's mom. The wolf stepped into the torch light. "Do you not remember ... if you want to join us?" said Misty. "Sure,"replied Agro. And off they went.

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Joey, Richard, and Silvia walked towards the front of the ship. Joey jumped (they were parked in the sand) off of the ship then he looked behind him and saw no one. Then ... hang of it. I hoped you like this chapter! Be on the lookout for chapter 5!

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Gunshots... Screams... Laughter... Sirens... Nothing... I woke up with a start as the flashback of when I was 10 came back. I came down the stairs in my aunt ... moment, when "delinquent" left her mouth is when I noticed my fist going into her face.

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Do you know that researchers made a song that would make babys happy? What a miracle! Do you know that scientists made glasses that had lenses made out of liquid? They ... Yours, Reily (Chapter 4) and tell us what you think about of it below!)

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December 4, 1929, 8:30 p.m: My mother gave me you, Mizil. She called you a "beautiful wonder that shares your feelings and lets them all out" while in other ... rainbows and smiley faces because I know that this year is going to be very, very tough.

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Autism Awareness Day! Share a little blue sky on April 5, 2016 Wear blue! To show that you care Save the date!

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Chapter four: face to face---literally! I ran out of the room, wiping the tears from my chin as I go. I end up in a family bathroom, locked inside, and let it all out ... , who's counting? I can't wait to see what happens now... TO BE CONTINUED...

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I was just at home getting ready for bed then I heard a gunshot downstairs. I rushed downstairs to see what was that then I said, " What happened, and why is mom ... like. If you want to correct me go ahead I will change the parts that you want.

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Silens I Chapter 15 You know who I am, don't act daft Malfoy! I could almost feel the spit on my face when he spat that insult. It was first year all over again ... I know who the murder is, do you? Please comment down below if you think you know!

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Astell walked back in to the room."I see you two have talked," she said looking at the distant sisters. "Luna, i want you to join me," she started. "For what does ... No. I will not leave you behind nor will I take no for an answer," replied Luna.

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I approached my locker,and with shaky hands,put in the combination .I slowly opened it and rummaged through my books and papers .Of course,it was in the inside of ... jagged and I erased so hard that my paper ripped.All because of Mackenzie and Indi.

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Normal Chapter 3: "Oh hello the best-teacher-of-all-time!" Katie said with her sweet-as-sugar-and-fake voice. I hate it when she does that. I bet she was wearing an illeagally hunted pink sweater and ... ------------------------------------------

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What I saw really confused me.A lot Was Indi,my best friend,sitting with Mackenzie urban? The person who bullied me every day? My heart sank,as I saw them laughing ... feeling someone was watching me though,as I was trying not to run in the halls.

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As Pete flew away he saw the dragon was sad. The red dragon was always lonley and had no freinds . He wished he could leave the castle, but he can't then a nother ... hi. The red dragon came out and he grinned. And from that day on they were friends

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The morning sun woke her up, a harsh pain searing her closed eyes. Aomidori glanced about, already on her feet. Leaves littered the ground, and her sudden movement made the ... thief is a man?" Ic'enix smirked, tossing Anwil's sword up and down.

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Anwil sighed. He leaned up against the front of his horse, rubbing his eyes. They had been on the road to the Ash Country for more than a few hours, and Anwil's legs ... should be able to leave now," said Wryx. "We still have a few other stops."

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Luna, Knight, and Gemmy, led by Otaktay, walked to the Alpha of the foreign pack. The Alpha was a grey and brown mixed wolf, with cruel yellow eyes. ... chapter, and join the #HelpTheWolves group to help stop the hunting of the endangered wolves!

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Gemmy woke up soon, and the three of them followed the scent to the other wolf pack. Every once in awhile Luna could've sworn she saw or heard something in the bushes, ... stupid and now my hand really hurts, so I'll type up some more later. Bye.

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As Luna, Gemmy, and Knight kept talk, Knight decided to help them find Luna's fther's murderer. The sky started to get darker and the moon and stars would be out soon. "It ... if it's a bit short, I should be able to add Ammy in the next chapter.

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This chapter that might seem a bit scary to some people, so if you are escpecially easily scared, I wouldn't reccommend reading the first paragraph. As Luna and Gemmy ... Gemmy along the way here". No ideas to continue the chapter, hope you enjoyed!

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The mother and father fox came over to where Luna and Gemmy were talking. The father fox interupted their conversation. "Luna, it's time for you to leave today." He said a ... be found in the passage, so if you have an idea for that, let me know.

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