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closed The Bible is true

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asked Dec 6, 2016 in Philosophy / Religion by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,710 points)
closed Dec 6, 2016 by (Taurus) SweetieGem

Its true because the Lord Jesus Christ said it was true in the Bible this is reasons why you should believe in the Bible (King James Version read that it is the true version)

1. Jesus told us it was true

2. about 40 men saw it happen

3. about 40 men wrote the Bible with God's help

4. And there is lots more I cant list but if you want to become a Christian just pray ok I will write a prayer on here.

I believe you died on the cross and rose again
 I know I am a sinner and I know I need you to
 go to Heaven so plz forgive me and come into my
 heart, Amen.

​If you did do it just comment if you didn't then do a thumbs up or down

closed with the note: i dont want to offend
commented Dec 7, 2016 by rae (86,770 points)
i asked to be saved in elementary school when i found out that i could :P i went to church long before that, but i didn't fully understand what it meant. i even did like 4 times just to be sure! :'D

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I think the BIBLE is totally true.

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You're in court with your hand on a Bible, so be honest. ;)

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What's your religion? Hi people of all religions. I do not want to start a war .

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Some people say that Jesus isn't real! Like I have this classmate and she says that He isn't real! She must be a real brain fart because my parents told me that He is real!

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Thank you rasta719 for making me think and question about death

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i am a follower of god and jesus and i got baptized in a lake by my paster matt.i go to relevent church located in bowlin bounce lake while and its a great church with great people ... byeeeeee!!!!!!!!! god loves you tooo bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Anyone know? I'm a tad confused.

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asked Aug 3, 2019 in Christian Club by C.Clay
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3. Love. It is a connection between two people that can only be broken by them. Without love, there would be way less humans in the world because people ... but care for each other and are nice to each other. Friendship is almost unbreakable.

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After Jesus' predawn trial, He was lead away to Calvary. The soldiers began to mock Him by stripping His clothes, put a scarlet robe on Him, wove a crown of ... / Please comment below! This event was real! If you have any questions please ask!!

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First according to a new theory the universe was always here. It is called the rainbow gravity theory. http:/ ... please approve and thank you for creating that website because kids need a voice

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Science states that what we see comes from the brain and eyes |Now if that is true maybe what I see right now is ... I think feel kinda alone because I probaly be the only real person in this universe

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Number 1 born again if you die your life repeats evidence parrael universe existing in the past Number 2 reincarnation I will give you a link for evidence http:/ ... 4 astral projection or astral planes

asked Mar 10, 2016 in Philosophy / Religion by rasta719 (8,060 points)
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1 out of every 3 fish in the ocean has plastic in its stomach! 1:3! I think this is terrible, we are being so careless with plastic that we have ended up ... your wrappers or use plastic bags. Try to use the least amount of plastic as you can!

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