Kidzsearch Writing Decathlon: Short Story Play Format

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                                           Act 1, Scene 1

We see a group of 9 girls gathered around a fire in the woods, with a teenage girl at.   the head of the group.

ALL: (laugh)
MONICA: Okay girlfriends, we have to go back or I'll get fired. (smiles)
There is some light murmuring as the girls gather their things and line up. A purple jacket remains on the ground.
                                     Act 1, Scene 2
A girl, KATIE PAIGE, gets up and approaches MONICA, who is sitting on her bunk reading a book.

MONICA: Yeah? (looks up from from book)
KATIE PAIGE: I left my jacket at the fire, can I go get it?
MONICA: (looks out window) It's getting late... Okay, but don't go alone. Samantha?
SAMANTHA: (turns around to look at MONICA, is in an awkward position because she is playing Twister) Listening!
MONICA: Go with Katie Paige please, she needs her to get her jacket and I'd prefer for her to go with you, since she's a new camper & this is you're what, 5th year?
SAMANTHA: 6th, actually.
MONICA: Ugh, I'm so old!!
SAMANTHA: (gets up a pulls on a sweatshirt over her PJ's and grabs her backpack from her bunk) C'mon KP!
KATIE PAIGE: It's Katie Paige, not KP.
                                   The girls leave the cabin and walk out

                                             Act 2, Scene 1
The girls are hiking on a path. It is dark, but the full moon and their flashlights provide light. They reach their destination, KATIE PAIGE grabs her jacket, and they prepare to leave when SAMANTHA speaks.

SAMANTHA: I gotta pee.
SAMANTHA: I need to go, dude.
KATIE PAIGE: Can you wait until we get to the cabin?
SAMANTHA: Wait until I get there to change my pants, 'cause I'm about to wet myself!
KATIE PAIGE: (rolls eyes) Can you make it quick?
SAMANTHA: Well, we can't do it here! The boys cabins are down there! (she points ahead in ton the woods, where there is a very muted light very far away)
KATIE PAIGE: They're not gonna be watching you pee at (looks at watch) 10:06 at night!
SAMANTHA: Oh yeah? Last year Simon Caldwell had to... (sees annoyed expression on normally passive KATIE PAIGE's face) Anyway, I need to find a good tree. Up there. (points the opposite direction of the boy's cabins)
KATIE PAIGE: (mutters under breath).

                                     Act 2, Scene 2
KATIE PAIGE is sitting impatiently on the ground while SAMANTHA is unseen behind a tree.

SAMANTHA: (comes out from behind tree) Well, I'm good. Let's head back.
SAMANTHA: What do you mean "where"? Back to the cabin!
KATIE PAIGE: Where's the cabin?
SAMANTHA: Down there... (hesitates) No, no, it was definitely this direction...
KATIE PAIGE: You've got to be kidding me! We're lost, and it's your fault, you idiot!
                                   Act 3, Scene 1
KATIE PAIGE is looking around, shining her flashlight and calling for help. SAMANTHA is banging her head into a tree muttering "Stupid.Stupid.Stupid".

KATIE PAIGE: You're being quite helpful, you know.
SAMANTHA: I'm the one who got us lost, and you expect me to help us find our way back?
KATIE PAIGE: You've been going to Camp Toccoa since you were 6! You can't expect me to find our way back on my second day!
SAMANTHA: Look, just sit down and keep on yelling. I think you're supposed to let them find you. (sits down)
KATIE PAIGE: Fine. (sits down)
                                                Act 3, Scene 2
It is getting colder. The girls begin to shiver, even in their coats and warm pajamas.

SAMANTHA: I feel like I'm going to die.
KATIE PAIGE: (looks at the helpless expression on SAMANTHA's face) C'mere, we ought to share our body weight, I guess.
SAMANTHA: (scoots over)
The girls sit together quietly until SAMANTHA suddenly falls over on KATIE PAIGE's lap.

                                          Act 4, Scene 1
SAMANTHA is lying still in a hospital bed in a drab room. A nurse walks in and rouses her awake.

SAMANTHA: Where the heck am I?
NURSE CLARISSA: St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
SAMANTHA: And why?
NURSE CLARISSA: (chuckles) Well, when you and your little friend got lost in those woods, the temperature started dropping rapidly. It got to be to cold for two little girls in thin coats and PJs. You were pretty sick, Ms. Samantha.
SAMANTHA: What about Katie Paige?
NURSE CLARISSA: (tsks) That girl's a fighter. The way I hear it, after you fell unconscious, she found a camera in your bag and started clicking it. The flash made it easier for the search crew to figure out where you were. But, she got sicker than you. She's been moved to a different hospital, one in the city.
SAMANTHA: It's all my fault.
                                       Act 5, Scene 1
A group of people is gathered around a coffin in a church. Multiple people are crying. We see SAMANTHA sitting alone in the back. A small child resembling KATIE PAIGE goes up to her.

CHARLOTTE: I'm Charlie.
CHARLOTTE: My sissy said it's not your fault.
SAMANTHA: Who's your sissy?
CHARLOTTE: (points at coffin) She's sleeping in the funny bed. (walks off
asked Dec 22, 2016 in 2016 Writing Decathlon by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (111,430 points)

3 Answers

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she died noo
answered Dec 22, 2016 by (Taurus) SweetieGem (19,910 points)
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answered Dec 22, 2016 by Cowboys_Fan225 (1,430 points)
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Heart-warming story! It was a little creepy though. I mean, my sissy said it's not your fault? And how id the sis know!? Cliffhanger!!!!!!!surprise

answered Dec 22, 2016 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (153,130 points)
I'm actually taking that as a compliment because I wasn't aiming for a happy ending so much as a closing.
Yup. It was a compliment. I really like stories with cliffhangers.

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