2016 Writing Decathlon-{Fantasy Short Story}

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Fantasy Short Story

The Travels


Once upon a time in a faraway land..

There lived a lonely prince in a castle above the stars. This was his home and all he had ever known. There were many busy people in his kingdom, but the prince's parents died long ago and he had no one to talk to except for the stars and the books in his library. One day, the prince stumbled upon a book that mentioned life below the stars, a place called Earth. He at once set out to explore the unknown. When, on foot he had descended the cloud bridge, the prince didn't know where he was. He had only brought with him the book, food, and a telescope. He decided this place he had landed in, must be a forest (upon looking at his book) and went out to find shelter for the night. The prince soon discovered a ramshackle of a hut, and entered it, believing there was no one that lived there. The shack was surprisingly decorated inside and well stocked up in provisions. As the prince looked around, it seemed quite obvious that someone inhabited the little house. Then the door opened and a human-sized mass of fur walked in. It was quite hard to tell what the mass of fur was, but the prince determined it to be a large bear. The bear was wearing a huge, beaten coat with many buttons and pockets adorning it. When the large creature noticed the prince, it nodded its head and said hello. The prince was surprised by the politeness of the bear, and introduced himself.  "Won't you have a cup of tea?" the bear said. "That would be very kind" the Prince responded, sitting down. He described his travels and his purpose for coming to Earth. "I was quite curious to see how life down here was." "Well this part is thoroughly disappointing." the bear nodded grimly. "Ever since the Dark Wizard took over this land, it's been even worse. As you might imagine, a forest is not the most pleasant place to be. It's still crawling with bandits and dark creatures. There is other land of course, but under the control of the Wizard." "Who is this Dark Wizard?" asked the Prince in wondering. "No one really knows. Legend has it someone from a place none like ours would come to defeat him. That's why I let you in. You might be the key to the Wizard's demise." and with this, the bear reached under the chair he had been sitting on and drew out a dagger. "You'll need this. You can only stay here a few days before the Dark Wizard discovers you're here. Perhaps he already has." "How does he know?" asked the Prince. "He has ways no one knows of" responded the bear. 

The next few days the Prince taught the bear his people's ways of life, showing him the stars at night and the different constellations. The bear in turn taught the Prince how to fish and to swim. The two quickly became good friends. Soon enough, it was time for the Prince to leave. He left for the East, where the Wizard lived. The Dark Wizard lived in a dwelling up on a steep rocky cliff. When the Prince had climbed the rock face and reached the den, he discovered the Dark Wizard inside. The Dark Wizard had been prepared for this battle, already knowing the Prince's whereabouts. As the Prince drew his dagger, the Wizard drew his wand, both preparing to attack the other. The Prince was the first to attack. Charging, he aimed the dagger at the Wizard. The Wizard nimbly leapt aside and started yelling what seemed to be gibberish. Knowing better, the Prince interrupted the Wizard with whatever he could to disrupt the spell. The prince threw rocks, books, and potions. At last, the Wizard seemed to have the Prince cornered. With the Prince's dagger in his right hand, the Dark Wizard loomed over the prince, preparing to kill. All of a sudden, a large furry creature knocked over the Wizard. The two rolled around and suddenly, the Wizard toppled over the ledge of his rocky home. He was long gone. The Prince discovered it was the bear who had saved his life! He thanked the bear tremendously, then thought it was a good idea to return to his home among the stars. The prince said a sorrowful goodbye and left the bear. The prince returned to his home and many, many years later had his own family. His son, the little prince was very curious. One day as he was looking through the library, he discovered a book. The little prince read it and decided to set out and find the place the book described. When, on foot he had descended the cloud bridge, the little prince didn't know where he was. He had only brought with him the book. He decided this place he had landed in, must be a forest (upon looking at his book) and went out to find shelter for the night. The little prince soon found a little house. He went inside.Then a large bear walked in. The bear was wearing a too-large coat. The bear turned its head, then said hello. 

Note: I made it a little vague so the reader could add on whatever details he/she wanted. This is supposed to be a fairytale. Hope you like it!

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