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who likes harry poter ??

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asked Jan 6, 2017 in Fiction by mallory8902 (190 points)

 Harry Poter, the best books!? Who else likes them??

commented May 5, 2017 by savage 21
i hate harry potter he is boring!!!!!!!

4 Answers

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answered Jan 7, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (276,980 points)

Likes? I love them! I'd be lost without one under my arm at all times.

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answered Jan 7, 2017 by L (75,500 points)
I do!
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answered Jun 3, 2018 by ilovedogs
I am ligit obsessed with Harry Potter!!!
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answered Jun 16, 2018 by Cheddder66
Yeah best thoing ever the books are epic

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asked Oct 21, 2019 in Fiction by toad aka star (325,620 points)
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Accidentia Chapter 13 by ArtistGirl Ilia's POV I tightened my ponytail. Cecily tilted her head and looked into my eyes. You're scared. she said matter-of-factly ... dagger for Cecily. The monster sniffed us out, but we were almost prepared. Almost.

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asked Sep 3, 2019 in Fiction by toad aka star (325,620 points)
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Sorry to any of you who have been reading it, but I will not be able to write any more as of now, because I am now co-authoring Lorekeeper with Cookie_Monster and Knoght Star. This does not mean I am quitting the book. again, sorry guys!

asked Mar 26, 2019 in Fiction by Ammy K.
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I stumbled down the stairs, blinking from the sudden exposure to bright light. "You guys are up already?" I asked sleepily when I saw my parents in the kitchen downstairs. " ... the next chapter from Phoenix's point of view. I can't wait to hear it!

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asked Mar 16, 2019 in Fiction by Ammy K.
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First of all, SHOUT OUT TO COOKIE_MONSTER FOR SUGGESTING THE NAME LILIANA! IT REALLY FITS HER! And now, on to the story! It was a cool, dry September day. Outside, the ... of you requests, entries and ideas. It's a work in progress, people! -Ammy K.

asked Mar 15, 2019 in Fiction by Ammy K.
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asked Sep 22, 2018 in Fiction by knight

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