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Cindy7872 AJ!!!

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asked Jan 12, 2017 in Today I Learned... by rae (86,850 points)
I'm glad to find out that you're ok and I got a notification from Edmodo on email. I have been meaning to ask u for the code because I got logged out.

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Cant wait to see you at school. Also for everyone in the panther blog. Does anyone have a sister who is really annoying? Answer question down below. It could be a brother too.

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This is the news i fond out. There was this girl who choked on a quarter doing a magic trick. There was a celeb who lost her dog. She was way to emotional.

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Cyber bullies are everywhere, and let me just tell you guys something real quick--there's always going to be somebody who's jealous of you, and sometimes they act ... intended} and a little bit of music can enlighten even the darkest of souls ~reagan

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Request Entity Too Large The requested resource /questions/wysiwyg-editor-upload does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request ... the capacity limit? Cuz what i was trying to upload was 17 MB...

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Which one sound more correct? These pies are made by I, 2CutePandiLou, or these pies are made by me, 2CutePandiLou? And could you please tell me why? Thanks!

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120,000 POINTS YAY

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THE GOLDEN COLLAR: By: Rae (reagan aka) ----------------------- Hold your breath for five minutes and try not to explode. That's the pain that I feel ... we return to her; the golden collar. THANKS FOR READING AND SORRY IF THIS IS MORE THAN ASKED!!

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Ever After High has Season 5 in Netflix and i watched the whole thing last night. not givung any spoilers but 1. i loved when they traveled fo their own fairytales in the castle. thats it. :)

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Enter the group of boy advice columns!​​​ You in or you out?

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I been here for one week, and I'm ranking 18.

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I just wanted to inform everyone that a few days ago I discovered this one, my old account. I renamed it SnoWolfPretzelz because this is the name I used to have on it ... I could use this for, and maybe I can use this for writing stories as well.

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Hey guys! I never got to know your zodiac signs, but I'm a Gemini. If you guys don't know yours, just search it up on Google! I'm actually surprised the Gemini personalities all fit me.

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Is it safe for tweens? Just wondering.

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My favorite book is A Wrinkle In Time.

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Ask Siri what 0 dived by 0 is

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That's mine TOBOT (I am a girl, but I really love this "for boys" film)

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Hi, guys! In my place, trending went fast, but it's very popular when it's trending. Slime, squishy, fidget spinner, it's all in the past right now in my place. What' ... ? I have a friend that's like to make a trending in my school. How about you?

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What is your favorite fiction book? Or just any book.

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Mine is Louisiana Hot Sauce!

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asked Apr 24, 2017 in Other by random guy random universe random life
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Hey everyone! I have just emailed KidzSearch and will be telling y'all my gmail as soon as my mum gives KidzSearch approval. You can provide your gmail to KidzSearch thru their contact form and they can tell it to me? IDK? Love y'all, GEMMY

asked Apr 17, 2017 in Personal by -GEMHeart- (277,480 points)

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