Harry Potter M.O.M Decrees 1-10

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asked Jan 22, 2017 in Fiction by jazzlinny (37,980 points)

(Note: Got idea from L's contest! Thank you L, and a lot of credit goes to her/him (sorry forgot!). Again, Thanks!)

Decree Number 1:

No owning of any harmful beast is allowed such as dragons.
Decree Number 2:

No wand usage in public muggle eye! (No exceptions!)
Decree Number 3:

No use of potions on muggles.
Decree Number 4:

No hurting or spell using on any muggles is allowed!
Decree Number 5:

No owning of krups unless being tagged by proper M.O.M. official and tail cut off. 
Decree Number 6:

No being an Animagus of any kind unless signed in to the M.O.M. documents.
Decree Number 7:

No tampering with muggle devices with wizarding spells.
Decree Number 8:

No usage of broomsticks in muggle eye. (See Decree Number 2)
Decree Number 9:

No allowance of scolding or beating a scuib child. 
Decree Number 10:

No making muggle movies of any kind about wizards.

Thanks for reading this!

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answered Jan 26, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (279,220 points)
That means, according to M.O.M Decree #10 that Warner Bros has broken that law 9 times (counting all the HP movies and the Fantastic Beast one). I have broken #2 & #4 because I've used my wand on LostLinerLegend (whose a muggle :p) & #5 because my dog Lola (whose tail looks like it's been cut off) because I haven't tagged her. Now I gotta wait for the M.O.M to arrest me. :D
commented Jan 26, 2017 by jazzlinny (37,980 points)

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