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what is the main job for a blacksmith

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asked Jan 31, 2017 in Non-Fiction by anonymous
what does a blacksmiths main job

1 Answer

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answered Jan 31, 2017 by Wolfie
to make sword

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I'm writing a science essay on the layers of the earth, so I need to get more information on the crust. Thx.

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From Chinese proverb. Daily precepts from 365 days of wonder.

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Go to the main Kidzsearch page and scroll down to music. Press it and scroll down some more.K-Love is the last line, and it has a blue background. K-Love is ... encouraging", and its a Christian radio station! The radio station is 88.3 FM. Enjoy!

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Vote for your favorite GH book main character! I listed some major ones from my favorite and finished stories. -Venessa (When the Morning Dawns Early) -Memory (If ... Riley (From Yours, Riley) -Yumeka -Asia (Silens I) -Kiseki (The Individual)

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Precept from 365 days of wonder. Look out for more coming up on KidzSearch!

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I'm not sure exactly how I got it.

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I got a silver lecturer badge. What is that?

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So my family said we can all go to Las Vegas on vacation next month (Yeah! ). Me and my brother want to stay somewhere fun, so my parents asked us to pick ... video games, going on fun rides, swimming, hiking, and other fun stuff. Any suggestions?

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What are the scientific names for: 1. Leopard 2. Golden Eagle 3. Red Panda 4. Sea Otter Thanks!

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I think it looks better than the current "Candy" theme.

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Well my dad's office was damaged by the ef3 that hit Canton,TX!

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We would be in the dark but we would have the lights and stuff so we would still have the moon..... but then then it would be night time forever

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Hello! Here's my question: What does a bird do when it fly's south for the winter? If anyone knows leave a comment on this post. Bye!

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KidzSearch is looking for Wiki writers. Be part of history and make a significant contribution by having your writing read by millions of kids who use us for their ... For privacy, we will not publish your name in the wiki. Thanks,

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I was watching Total Drama The Ridonculous Race, and Jacques was talking about Josee, and he said. "Tantrums run in her family. Once I was late picking up Josee from ... with a lamp!" And I thought it was hilarious. What's something funny you heard?

asked Dec 3, 2019 in Manga/Anime/Cartoons by EthanTheBluePikmin (1,120 points)
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(Well, best quote you've seen a KSer write. Anyway.) One of the ones I remember is KnightStar's "I'll act like someone cares". XD Anyone got any that maybe you've said or seen another KSer say?

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