Animal Advice Column!

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My Animal Advice Column is now in business as an official advice column! These are the questions you can ask:

•How to do a mouth-to-nose resuscitation and CPCR on an animal.

•How to put together an animal first-aid.

•About these following animals:










       •Guniea Pigs



        •Prairie Dgs

       •Potbellied Pigs




        •Sugar Gliders

•About emergencies.

•How to stop and treat infections.

•Zoonoses (Diseases that spread from animals to people).

•Drugs and vaccines.


•Pain management.

•Traveling with pets.

•Health and the owner-animal bond.

•Cancer and tumors.

•About these conditions:

           •Blood disorders.

           •Heart and blood vessel disorders.

           •Digestive disorders. 

           •Hormonal disorders.

           •Eye disorders.

           •Ear disorders.

           •Immune disorders.

           •Bone, joint, and muscle disorders.

           •Brain, spinal cord, and nerve disorders.

           •Reproductive disorders.

           •Lung and airway disorders.

           •Skin disorders.

           •Kidney and urinary tract disorders.

           •Metabolic disorders.

           •Disorders affecting multiple body systems.

•Animal care.


•Care of baby animals.

Please note that if you are asking a question about your animal and you think s/he may have something, put the question in this format:

Name: (optional)

Age: (required; you can round to the closest year)

Type of animal: (required; if a mongrel or a mix, please put so)

Breed: (optional; if a mix, please put what two breeds you think your pet is)

Symptoms: (required; like walking in a circle and sleeping frequently)

Physical Symptoms: (required; like a large ball-sized tumor hanging from belly; if none, put N/A)

Additional Info: (optional; put other info that doesn't fit listed categories above)

Remember, a vet can diagnosis your pet's symptoms better than I can. I will try my best to diagnosis and list all possible diseases or disorders.

All information comes from the internet or the ©2007 Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health. All rights reserved.

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