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In your comment that I have related this question to, you said contest winners will get publicity. How do you do this, and will SweetieGem, Country Boy, and I get publicity because of us winning? I am confused about this matter. Thanks in advance,

GemHeart :)
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answered Feb 20, 2017 by kidzsearch (164,960 points)
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First, congratulations on winning our writing competition! We do plan on promoting the winning entries, such as having press releases about it. If a publishing company wants to get in contact with you, we would definitely let you know. At that point your parents would need to give us permission to provide your real contact information to them.

We also get a lot of KidzTalk search engine traffic from places like Google, so you can get discovered that way too.

commented Feb 20, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
Okay cool! Thanks!
commented Feb 22, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
Wait, press releases?

commented Feb 23, 2017 by kidzsearch (164,960 points)
We will of course keep everything private (your name will not be mentioned). Our press releases go out to news agencies, but there is no guarantee it will be picked up by anyone.
commented Oct 14, 2018 by Luna midnight

That is how i found kidztalk! My school told me to use google kids and then I found kidztalk.

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