Who likes Bunk'd and Jessie??

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asked Feb 22, 2017 in Film / TV by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (159,320 points)
These two t.v shows are really funny, heart-warming, and awesome! If you haven't watched any of them or one of them, I suggest you watch both!
commented Feb 26, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (73,330 points)
me and my sister likes bunk'd
commented Feb 27, 2017 by -Moonlight- (56,600 points)
I am his sister

4 Answers

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answered Feb 23, 2017 by Radio Rebel
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answered Feb 27, 2017 by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,530 points)
I love Bunk'd and Jessie me and my brother watch bunk'd and I like watching Jessie and bunk'd so yeah I watched ever episode!
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answered Apr 16, 2017 by teamkatniss (2,620 points)
I LOVE Bunk'd and Jessie. I also love Girl Meets World, Austin and Ally, Best Friends Whenever, Good Luck Charlie, The Wizards of Waverly Place, etc.
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answered Apr 16, 2017 by L (74,960 points)
Those are my favorite shows!

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I want either Jessie or Natasha win!!

asked Aug 15, 2013 in Film / TV by mathgeek36 (41,110 points)
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That would be so cool! She'd react to all the relationships and how Ravi, Emma, and Zuri all have grown up. But they truly have. Heck, Zuri (Skai Jackson) ... something like that in Season 3 in Bunk'd where they all have this reunion with Jessie.

asked Jul 6, 2017 in Film / TV by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (159,320 points)
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i really love the hunger games. but PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU ANSWER! i have only watched the first one and catching fire so please do not spoil anything for me. i hope you enjoy answering my questions. Thanks! :)

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these earrings or Or somethings like this...

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I do.

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Nikola Tesla needs some victory here, I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

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I love it! I read the books.My favorite character is Katniss.I love how shes so feirce and brave.My favorite part of the movie is where Katniss volunteers instead ... .I definetly rate it 5 stars! it might a little too intense for younger viewers

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Anyone dying for the 1st episode of Agents of Shield tonight?? Phil Coulson's resurrected from the dead.

asked Sep 24, 2013 in Film / TV by mathgeek36 (41,110 points)
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Hello! My name is Knight Star, and i love to sing, write poems, songs, art all that stuff! Here is some thoughts.... It's 5:00 and i need to do school. Uhhhh

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I have been doing this for about a month now and nobody has responded to anything I say.

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Some time ago, this celebrity carried her chiwawas in a purse. So, fashionistas bought chiwawas and carried them in purses. If you are thinking about getting ... just fashion accessories. They are living, breathing creatures who need food and water.

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well I ride and you work on the horse you have to do without stirrups and trot and posting sometimes without stirrups and its hard

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I speak English, German, Spanish, and Japanese. On a scale of how good I am to how bad I am, here's the order. English--my first language. Spanish-- ... ve spent tons more time on learning japanese before i got back into german recently. *DISCLAIMER*

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i play basketball, and of course have to wear shorts. I am embarrassed about my legs though. What should I do? I shave and all but I just am embarrassed . I love basketball so I am not going to quit, but I really do need help.

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Does it take a certain amount of points for a club? I want to start one. I want a creative kidz club. It can be for art, music, writing, reading, heck it could ... of art or writing ect. Can you make this club? Please and thank you, -Luna midnight

asked Oct 13, 2018 in Creative Kidz Club by LunaLight (83,270 points)
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Have a great day! Hugs to everyone! Spread the love to everyone. Just a little compliment will brighten peoples days up.

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Have a beautiful day. I dont know how you look but i bet you look nice. Smiles to everyone! Have a nice day! Spread the love and kindness today. It really brightens peoples lives up. The little things matter.

asked Apr 29, 2017 in Other by Dolphins are so cute
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I love strawberrys!!!! Are you a strawberry lover? I am!

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Explain my personality. Answer these questions in which you think I am, based of my personality. First, write a short paragraph on describing my personality. 2. Cat or dog? 3. ... back to you as soon as I can! I laos have the most random tags...

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Could you guys make some avatars for me? I don't have access to YouTube or websites other than KS so plz no links. Just make it how you think I look. I have long ... she used a MLP avatar maker for meh! Thx gurl!). Comment with your avatar below! ;)

asked Oct 25, 2018 in General Entertainment by -GEMHeart- (271,590 points)
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Thank you so much for creating KidzSearch. Whenever I want to search something I'm interested in but I don't want fluffing inappropriate things popping up, KidzSearch helps me ... is the greatest website ever for kids. Thank you for all that you do!

asked May 25, 2017 in Ask KidzSearch by -GEMHeart- (271,590 points)
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why does it always rain the hardest on those who deserve the sun?

asked May 24, 2017 in Shower Thoughts by rae (85,250 points)
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