Original Harry Potter Jokes (No, seriously, I made them up!)

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Joke #1:

(Harry Potter is sleeping in bed when a dementor comes through the window)

Dementor: (tickles Harry)

Harry Potter: (wakes up and puts glasses on) Expecto Patronum!

Dementor: (dodges patronus)

Harry Potter: Can't a man sleep in peace?

Joke #2

(Crookshanks is sleeping on a bench when there is loud barking)

Crookshanks: Reeeow! (Runs away)

Hermione: (to dog) Heel! 

Dog: (heels)

Hermione: (checks for dog tags) Well, I guess I'll feed you. Stay! 

(Hermione exits and returns five minutes later with fresh ham to find Sirius in place of the dog!)

Hermione: Sirius! 

Sirius Black: Hey, a man's got to have a little fun! 

Joke #3

Ron: (hands Fred a present) Here, Fred. 

Fred: (opens present) Hey, this baseball cap says George! 

Ron: (guilty) Oops, wrong present. 



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lol these are good

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