Prince Oscar and The Portal to Elsewhere Part Five

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asked Mar 11, 2017 in Fiction by L (77,130 points)
Prince Oscar and Guide walked through the grass, swam in the pond filled with pink lotuses, and climbed a brown mountain to get to King Brennius III's castle.

"This is King Brennius III's castle", said Guide.

Cream-colored turrets capped with ocean blue cone-shaped roofs almost brushed the clouds while the orange flags on top of them danced with the wind. A black double door with silver knockers was adorned with rubies the size of buttons. Creatures with gray fur, red manes, green eyes, yellow wings, and black horns called Chormators stood guard wearing bronze helmets and carrying bronze spears.

"Dort berries", said Guide.

"Correct. You may enter.," said Chormator guard.

Guide opened the doors for Prince Oscar and then went inside, closing the door.

"Greetings! I am King Brennius III and you are?," said King Brennius III.

"Call me Guide and that is Prince Oscar.," said Guide.

"Ah. Well, a little tip for you Prince Oscar: Always make sure you know what is going on in your kingdom. Which reminds me: how did you get here, Prince Oscar?," said King Brennius III. He flapped his dark blue wings and adjusted his golden crown adorned with diamonds and emeralds.

"Guide has brought me here from The Other Realm, my realm, because he told me everything that was going on and I told him that I wanted to stop the war before it starts.," said Prince Oscar.

"I like your idea. What are the guffers thinking, starting a war against The Other Realm after stealing cows and food from there? But, we must make sure the citizens agree.," said King Brennius III.

"But how shall we do that?," said Prince Oscar. u

"We shall make a speech!," said King Brennius III.

"You know, I've always dreamed of writing a speech instead of learning how to write them like in school, and now my dream will come true thanks to you!," said Prince Oscar.

"Well then, let us get started!," said King Brennius III.

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