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Hello, everyone! This contest is one in which you can write about an event from your life. Here are the rules:

•Take note, all names in your essay (when using your name, use your username on here) must be changed to something fake. If the person mentioned is on KidzTalk use their username, but always ask beforehand. (You can include a pet's real name)

• If you mention where it happened, then just put "my house" or "Walmart". Do NOT put where it happened exactly, like " on 55 Southmore Street, just left from Kroger". Safety is everything! You can put the time or date, however, as long as you don't believe it'll give away your identity.

• Your essay MUST play with emotions. Try to bring the reader to tears (that means you are doing it right).

• The event can be happy or sad, and can be as long as you want it.

• If you can do fonts, do NOT chose Comic Sans. If you can't, stick with the normal font and size. No size lower than 18 is allowed.

• If you don't place your essay under this question, use the hashtag "emotionsareeverything" or "emotioncontest".

• All entries are to be entered by April and 15th, although I'll probably file results on the 16th.

Look for an example below by me:

Under the Trampoline


The memory is still fresh inside me, like a branding mark scorched on my soul. No matter how hard I try, the pain won't go away, and its lasting impression forever holds place in my life. My guinea pig's descension into illness and old age was unexpected, but his death, less so.

I had waken up to low, hoarse squeaks coming from his cage. I leaned over and climbed slowly off my bed, the springs creaking and trembling. I landed catlike on the floor and stared into Mr. G's metal cage. He was hunched over, squeaking and shrieking. I opened the cage door slowly and gently picked him up. He was warm but trembling.

After a few moments, I took him to the bathroom with me and I sat on the floor, cradling him. I didn't know his death was near, nor did I suspect it, at the time. As I sat there, thoughts ran through my head.

Mister, what's wrong with you? Is something wrong...?

​He was asleep, I knew that. I set him down on the rug in front of the toilet and watched him for any signs of awakening. Then he started to roll. I placed him back on his paws but he just cascaded over again. That's when I started to panic, so I picked Mr. G up and ran back to my room.

I said a quick prayer asking God to help me through this. I grabbed a towel and laid it on my bed before placing G on it and turning on the light. I tried to hold him, but he kept falling out of my grasp. Then he twitched. I thought he was having seizures (I still think that), so I tried to remember what I had read about helping an animal who was going through that. Then I remembered: wait it out. 

Then G stopped moving, just stopped in mid-twitch. I thought the seizures has ended, so I picked him up. But he was limp. All life had drained out of him, and all that was left was his small, furry, chestnut body. In desperation, I felt his heartbeat, and not feeling the regular thud-thud-thud , I placed my mouth on his nose. I attempted CPR (on animals, it's called mouth-to-nose CPR) on him, and I attempted to clear his nose of buildup of mucus and try again. Nothing worked.

That's when I bundled him in the towel and cradled him like a baby. I ran to my parents' room and screamed,

"Mr. G died!" My voice was choked by tears.

My mum told me to go back to bed and that she'd be there in a minute. I went back, wailing, and Mum returned shortly after. She told me to let go of G's body, and reasoned,

"He's not here, anymore, GemHeart*."

I sniffed and cried some more as my mum checked G for any signs of life. "I've already checked Mum, he's gone!" I wailed.

My mum brought me to her and my dad's room to comfort me. She wrapped up G's body in a bag and placed him in the freezer so we could bury him later.

That day was a hard day. My mum, AutumnGerbil, and I went on a Girls' Day Out that afternoon, and when we got back, my dad had already dug a 4-foot hole, where we would move our trampoline over.

The funeral consisted of prayers, memories, and flowers. I cried halfway through. But I thought that G deserved peace, because we had been feeding him through an eyedropper, giving him antibiotics through pastes and pills, and he couldn't even move. Sure, he improved a little, but that little improvement wasn't enough.

The mourning ended, my mum hauled G's cage out of my room, and rearranged my room (to help me deal with his death). Now I think about G and imagine him in "carrot heaven". He must be happy up there. 

On the box I buried G in, I put my favorite Bible verse in marker on it, but with a twist: " For where your carrot is, may be your heart be also". His carrot is up in heaven, but I need him with me. Sometimes when I'm alone, or when I read a poem about pets dying, I cry. I wish he was with me.

I try to forget it, but this agony will always stay with me. It will always torment me. I feel both blessed and cursed to have witnessed Mr. G's death alone, but I believe he knew I was with him.

*My name is supposed to be there :)

Maybe not the best, but that's the example. I hope you enjoy the contest!

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Duedate is changed to May 19th. Please enter!!!
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whos is mr g?
commented Jul 28, 2017 by L (70,350 points)

Mr. G is a guinea pig. 

Here is a quick context clue*. 

"My guinea pig's descention into illness and old age was unexpected, but his death, less so." 

*= A context clue is a piece of evidence from a text that hints at the meaning of a word or at another piece of information that is not directly stated in the text. 

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