I'm going to write a book soon and want to know what do you think.

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asked Apr 28, 2017 in Other by Twilight
My story will be about a girl who has been drafted to another planet to fight and protect it and this planet was made by America so other nations try to take It over but of course she is not the only one who gets drafted but other teens like her too and the story will be called....well I don't know yet but I would love if you could help me find a name for the story and the main character and tell me what you think.

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answered Feb 27 by PoRo
It sounds like something from manga so I think she should be called Sonioko So- n-i-oh-ko
commented Feb 27 by toad aka star (342,560 points)
But, that's a Japanese name-
commented Feb 28 by Coffee Cake (72,780 points)
And the planet was made by America-
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answered Apr 29, 2017 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
"Drafted Warrior"
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answered Apr 29, 2017 by Dolphins are so cute

This sounds really cool!dolphin-swim

commented Apr 29, 2017 by Twilight
Thank you!
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answered Apr 29, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
Call it, "Drafted".
commented Apr 29, 2017 by Twilight
I like it I'll use it!! Thanks!
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answered Apr 29, 2017 by L (75,740 points)
The story should be called Drafted Girl. The main character should be called  Amanda.
commented Apr 29, 2017 by Twilight
I like the main character name thanks!

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