The Choice of Hope Chapter 3 (Story by Lou and Gem)

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The Choice Of Hope

Chapter 3
Story by 2CutePandiLou and Gemheart


As Hope arrived at the library, she was overwhelmed by heat. Her frozen tears melted instantly, along with her frozen fear. She warmly smiled, feeling as if she hadn't smiled in months.
The library had several shelves that were toppling the sky with hundreds of thousands of books. And oh, the books! Each book looked its grandest, with the colors of calmness, and the texture as smooth as a scrubbed, wooden floor. Oh, how Hope longed to open up one, to feel the wind as she flipped the miraculous pages, and read the fine-scripted words. The joy she would feel would be astonishing!
"May I help you, dear?" An elderly woman asked, at a desk taller than Hope herself, interrupting her thoughts. The woman had orange hair with white streaks, pulled up in a bun, and purple eyes the color of the England evening. Hope liked her at once.
"Oh! Yes! Um...can you please show me the way to the records section?" Hope timidly asked.
"Take two lefts and then a right, dear," The women replied.
"Thank you, Miss..."
"Name is Lavender. You're welcome..."
"Hope. Hope Lisa," Hope replied and she clomped her black boots down the hall before Miss Lavender could even reply.


"Lisa, Lisa, Lisa..."
Hope was carefully checking the files that started with L, not missing one detail of the mention of her parents.
"Aha!" Hope took out the file and placed it on a nearby table. This is it. The secrets, facts, and myths of the parents I've never knew, Hope thought. Her heart was pounding so hard, Hope thought her eardrums were going to explode, while her clothes stuck to her back, due to her nerve racking sweat. Will I find out why they left me? Or where they have gone?
Hope held her breath and finally opened the file, exhaling and she read the revealing answers of Hope's longing questions.

Lisa, Peter and Lisa, Elise

Name: Elise Lisa                           Born:10.11.1891
Gender: Female                             Spouse: Peter Lisa
Homeland: England


Name: Peter Lisa                           Born: 6.7.1889
Gender: Male                               Spouse:Elise Lisa
Homeland: France

Little is known about the Lisa's. They were enormous millionaires, owning five properties of land, two properties of houses, and owned a famous bank, themselves. However, in the autumn of 1933, the two mysteriously disappeared only leaving their newborn baby, Hope Lisa's, birth certificate as a clue.


Hope stared at the paper, dumbfounded. Her eyes didn't dare to even blink while her body was a statue. My parents, Elise and Peter Lisa, were amazing, but mysterious, leaving without a warning, Hope thought. Just like me.
Hope was quite similar to her inexplicable and cunning parents in many ways. She has stolen a pocket full of crumpets from the Private Sister's Lounge at her orphanage, without leaving the slightest trace of crumbs and Hope has also fibbed several lies that the Sisters couldn't even realize she was the one who was guilty. When the young orphan girls were younger, they nicknamed Hope, "Hope the Sneaky Cat."
Quickly, without anyone looking, Hope folded the papers in fourths and tucked it in her bag. This may be useful, she precisely thought.
Suddenly she remembered the unknown source that bought her here in the first place.

"Caught on, haven't you? That didn't take long. Look me up while you're in there."
"Who are you?"
"Mike Ravens. You'll find me there during school hours." Hope recalled the perplexing voice she heard earlier.
Hope swiftly went towards the files that started with 'S' to look for the person's name. Finally, she found a file named 'Stevens, Mike' and plopped it on the table. Well, hope this isn't a waste of time, Hope thought and she began to open the file.

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Really good, Lou! This is better than mine!
asked May 4, 2017 in Fiction by -GEMHeart- (291,410 points) The Choice of Hope Chap. 4 (by Lou & Gem)

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