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The topic of the Perfect Poetry Club issue has been decided!
 The topic is...(drum-roll please!)






Paradise Poetry! Since I do not trust Edmodo, you will be writing the posts on here. Just go to 'ask a question' and enter your entry for our first issue, Gemheart, L, Dolphins Are So Cute, and GG! Title your post ," Perfect Poetry Club Issue Entry: Paradise Poetry by ______. Make sure to give your poem a title. Reminder-
Paradise Poetry will be where we will describe our own paradises. But try your best to foreshadow, or in other words, give clues for what your paradise is. The poem will sound very boring when we just name our paradise and describe it flatly. Here's an example:
So let's say my paradise is Dunkin' Donuts:
Without Foreshadowing:
My paradise is Dunkin' Donuts.
It has lots of donuts and yummy things.
Mine favorite donut is chocolate.
Coffee is nice there.

With foreshadowing:
The isles smelled like donut heaven
The colors sprang out of the walls
The coffee was brewing just for me,
while my sweet chocolate wheel of yumminess is being prepared.
Oh how I love my paradise!

See what I mean? And if you want to give your reader a little sense of what she's reading about, you can include your paradise in the title, just make sure it sound interesting.
There's no limit to how long your poem is, so write on! Just make sure 1 poem=1 person.
Thanks guys and take your time and describe your most fave paradise yet!

"'¢αυѕє єνєяуσηє'ѕ нєяє тнє ρєяƒє¢т ρσєт!"


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