If people say I can't do something because I am a girl, what do I do or say back to them?

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asked May 25, 2017 in Other by anonymous

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answered May 25, 2017 by Some body
Just say how is being a girl in whatever task you are doing different than being a boy. Generally they well say something rude which is when you can tell somebody.
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answered May 25, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (271,810 points)
Ignore them. Girls can do anything. Look at women of the Army!!!
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answered May 26, 2017 by rae (85,330 points)
anything a stupid little boy can do, a stupid little girl can do better. (i wasn't going to put stupid little girl but i was gonna get bashed so whatever)
commented Jun 19, 2017 by anonymous
No, do not brag, girls are not better then boys, Normally they are equal.
commented Jun 19, 2017 by rae (85,330 points)
i'm not bragging about anything, i agree with your statement, please do not start an arguement about it.
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answered May 26, 2017 by 2CutePandiLou 2Lazee2Signin
tell em that girls can take on the world and can do impossible things
tell em that if yo say girls can't do anything, neither can you
tell em that girls are more awesome, more powerful, more brave, and more greater than they think
tell em that we can do anything, cuz the Declaration of Independence said so and there's nothing that you can do to change that
tell em we free, and nobody can tell us what to do
tell em that just because we are girls doesn't mean we ain't got the power!
(this is 2CutePandiLou, BTW) :D
commented May 30, 2017 by anonymous
I have but they still do it
commented Jun 19, 2017 by rae (85,330 points)
are they at school
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answered Jun 21, 2017 by digglehead

Say"Just because I am a girl I can still do something,I don't have to just be a stay at home mom! angry angry

commented Aug 24, 2017 by rae (85,330 points)
Preach it to the choir, digglehead!
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answered Aug 23, 2017 by Dumpling

Be yourself even if people make fun of you and even if you you want to be a unicorn or builder when your older.

And if people bully you for who you are just don't listen to them got it?


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answered Aug 23, 2017 by anonymous
Say I can not do <Whatever they said>

    But then say something they can not do that you can do.
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answered Nov 12, 2017 by anonymous
Say, "You can't do -------- because you're a boy."  fill in the blanks with something they're interested in: singing, dance, cheer, etc.  It works.  Good luck.
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answered May 20, 2019 by Kitten (366,050 points)
Both genders are equal.

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