Decide Who You Are: Chap. 1 by GemHeart

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This is a group story. It will contuine until everyone has added a chapter, and if you want to add a chapter, comment below. JazziGrangerRaven is scheduled for the second chapter. This is a story about Emily Reese, a girl with Mutiple Personality Disorder. 

These are the rules for posting a chapter:

1. Your chapter must focus on third person view wpoint (she did this or that; Emily did this or that; he did this or that; you get the idea.).

2. Your chapter must be at least four paragraphs and include at least three sentences each, unless it's dialogue.

3. You can only make Emily have a different "personality" every 2 chapters. So, if the last person did it, you can't! However, Jazzi, you can make her change personality if you want in your chapter. Remember, there has to be a stress point or trauma so she can change personalities. Another thing, you can only change her personality if she's evolved in a trauma or stress accident. Contact me for more.

4. There aren't really limitations on what Emily does in the story... maybe she falls in love and she changes personalities? How will she react to the dude she fell in love with? Just make it realistic. No time traveling, you know!

5. Enjoy! This is a learning experience for everyone!

Thank you for reading this notice, and enjoy the first chapter! 

____________________{Chapter 1}___________________

Emily's pale hand was holding her head up as she listened to the Chainsmokers' "Don't Let Me Down". "Stranded, reaching out, I say your name but you're not around, I call your name but you're not around..." she sang along to the words, "so don't let me down..." Suddenly, she got up and turned around to her mother.

"Emily," she said, "It's time to go to the doctor."

Emily leapt up from her seat, and looked at her mother. "Why?" she said skeptically. She viewed the doctor as someone who was a little dodgy, funnily enough. She could do anything with those needles.

"It's your yearly checkup," her mother reminded her.

Emily nodded, and climbed into the car after she had ran to the garage and slipped inside. She popped in her earbuds. "I fell twice before, my bounce-back was special..." crooned Kendrick Lamar as Emily played The Greatest by SIA. She didn't hear her mother climb into the car, but she felt them speed away.

Her mother began to blast the radio at full volume. She was too occupied with singing along to the words of some oldies' song that she didn't see the truck up ahead suddenly stop. A squeal of tires. A shattering of glass. And then the pain.


So, here are some goals for those writing future chapters. The songs that are playing in the book hint what is, the authors, want the next author to write. Emily, regardless of personality, has one thing in common with her others "selves": a love of music. So, try to hint to the next author what you want in the next chapter. You don't have to use all the songs, only the part(s) you want.

I made this book so when her personality changes (Jazzi, you get to change it in the next chapter because of the car accident trauma), you can model it to fit your own. Hopefully, we can learn a little about you about how you make Emily think and stuff. 

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answered Apr 2 by Ammyk

I just found this now, And it is really cool!

If you Ever rewrite this, I have been researching this.

  • The term we use nowadays is DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • It is caused by repeated trauma before a child’s personality develops, which is around age 7. The child sees there is no way to escape the trauma at the moment, and therefore begins imagining things like “if I were a dragon, I could fly away from all of this” their subconscious begins to imagine all the ways they can escape the trauma, and as the personality develops, it is not one, but many personalities.
  • The personalities are called Alters
  • Alters can be any species, either gender, any sexuality,  any age, and some even taste foods differently!
  • There is a host, the one who is most like the original personality that hadn’t fully developed, and they are outside of the body most of the time
  • On the inner world, all the alters look very different. Like I said before, some are even not human!
  • The subconscious mind locks away memories of the trauma, so different alters have different memories.
  • The event doesn’t have to be dramatic for them to switch. Certain songs and items may trigger different alters to take control of the body.
  • Before they switch, they dissociate, while the alter in control of the body and the co-conscious alter almost debate over who should be in control. It has been described as having your thoughts pulled right out of your head while your trying to speak.
  • It is Very hard to diagnose DID.
  • Alters can integrate, meaning two alters’ memories join together into a new alter. It has been described as when red & blue mix, they are not one or the other; they are purple, which has a little bit of both in it, but is not the same.
  • Child alters are called littles. 
  • In a traumatic event, a new alter can be created and kept hidden in the inner world with the memories of that trauma.
That’s all I can think of now, so I hope it helped!
commented Apr 3 by Ammy-k (29,260 points)
Oh, and they also each have their own names.
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answered May 26, 2017 by Jazzi(to lazy to log in)
Thank you, the chapter 2 hopefully can be out by Monday or Sunday.
commented May 26, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (282,790 points)

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