Chapter 4 of Moonlight

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asked May 28, 2017 in Fiction by Vanilla Bean (85,760 points)

I approached my locker,and with shaky hands,put in the combination .I slowly opened it and rummaged through my books and papers .Of course,it was in the inside of the door.Before I read it I held the sticky note to my chest and,um,squealed a little.After a deep breath I held the note up to my face and read:


         Dear Jay,

I don't think your mom died from an unknown disease,

      She just couldn't believe she gave birth to such an ugly baby!

My hands were trembling and tears fell out as I ripped out the note.Then I heard laughter .I whipped around and saw Mackenzie and Indi."Ha! It's not like Tyler  D will ever like you! That note wasn't even from him!" 

All I remember was me slamming my locker shut,throwing the paper shreds at Mackenzie (I was aiming for her eyes),and running to the bathroom.I went to the last stall,which was the biggest and locked myself in.I put the cover down and sat.Crying bitter tears and thinking about how Mackenzie was probably telling everyone about her sick joke.How could they do this? Did I ever do anything to them?I remember Indi and I  wearing matching pajamas at Christmas that my mom made for us.Sad memories.I heard someone come in and go into a stall.I got out and washed my face.I realized that recess already started.Guess I have to just walk around.Alone

I couldn't concentrate during art class,which is my favorite class.Where I could escape from all my problems and troubles.Where I was free.All my pencil marks were jagged and I erased so hard that my paper ripped.All because of Mackenzie and Indi.



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answered May 28, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (290,400 points)
I love it! Good way including feelings.

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