Perfect Poetry Club Issue #1: Paradise Poetry

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Perfect Poetry Club Issue #1: Paradise Poetry

Members: Gemheart, L, and Dolphins Are So Cute


A note from Lou to the members:
I just want to say that you guys are the best!! Pursuing your talent for poetry and expressing it in your own unique way, you guys are awesome. I just loved how you guys took your time, coming up with the best copy of writing, and are so talented. All of your entries were amazing and very creative, and I couldn't ask for a better group. Keep writing, guys!
Also, GG, I'm very sorry, but since you did not hand in your entry in time, you are not in the issue. You could hand in our issue for next time!

A note from Lou to Kidzsearchers:
Even if you're not in this club, write, write, and WRITE! I'm sure you guys come up with awesome pieces of writing and are all weavers that weave magic on papers. As Katy Perry once said, "Find out what your gift is and nurture it." And also, be strong Cindy! Although all might seem hopeless, remember, we are all here for you, on KS. No matter how many wrong turns you make, you can always find the right path!

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get on with it, shall we?

In this issue, you'll hear, almost experience, all of our own and unique paradises. Whether the beach, our writing corners, or our hangouts, all of these hangouts have one thing in common: you. So read along in this marvelous piece because you might find your own paradise, too.


The Beach
By Dolphins are so cute (2017)

The salt water air is amazing
I can hardly wait to see the bright sun set 
The sand is glistening in sun rays
For I spend my day tanning
My nose stuck in a book
How I love my paradise!


My Hangout (Not My Bedroom)
By L (2017)

A chocolate-brown couch,
A pillow of the American flag. 
A wooden stool with issues of Faces, Cricket, and Cobblestone and a Finding Dory tissue box as colorful as a rainbow. 
A midnight black Ölevia TV, 
A minuscule XBox 360 next to a Wii as white as snow. 
Paintings of stars in red, white, and blue, 
A miniature American flag replica shaped like a star. 
A wooden bookshelf containing books, magazines, scrapbooks, and a robotic mouse as pink as cherry blossoms. 
Two shelves containing games and crafts, 
A Frozen backpack lying on the ground as if it was sunbathing. 
Two wooden chairs and a matching wooden table.
That table has a notebook, 
Markers in every color,
Two school bus yellow pencils,
A Frozen water bottle,
A plum purple enchanted rose Vinylmation, 
Sterling silver Minnie ears, 
A foam Dumbo, 
And a bubblegum pink Louis popcorn bucket.

By Gemheart (2017)


Black desk,
Yellow pencil,
All the eraser marks making a mess...
Lined paper,
Ideas on the first line.
Writers' block,
Time ticking on the clock.
Turning the page,
Taking my time,
Making the world's next big novel.

This has been an amazing issue and I'm very grateful for these members and you readers! Any comments or questions? Put them below. Stay tune for our next issue!

"'¢αυѕє єνєяуσηє'ѕ нєяє тнє ρєяƒє¢т ρσєт!"



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Awesome! Thanks for making the issue!

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