What if I get the feeling to hurt myself what should I do?

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asked May 31, 2017 in Other by anonymous
Someone in my class(teacher) is making me so mad to the point that I want to kill myself or hurt myself and I need a little help with what I need to do to calm me down

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answered Mar 18, 2019 by BookWormForLife

I have also self harmed myself up  my arm .I

 I need help

I come across as so happy emoticon-00100-smile to everyone

But rlly I'm just using it to cover up the upset speechless inside

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answered Mar 17, 2019 by Angel101
Same I've self harmed all my arms up fell  like I want to die  pls help us two. I'm lonely not able to  talk to anyone because my dad like a baby says no
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answered Jun 4, 2017 by anonymous
Do something helpful, then you will know you are inportant.
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answered Jun 3, 2017 by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,400 points)
I tried to choke myself before with a chain necklace that had a cross on it and it said faith on it but it didn't work but you are not alone and I'm glad it didn't work think about how selfish that would be your whole family would miss you so much!!!
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answered May 31, 2017 by Beth

You must tell a trusted adult and ask for help. If your teacher or parents won't help, speak to a person in the principals office.

Realize it is okay to be sad sometimes and that is part of life. Without sadness we could not appreciate happiness. However, killing yourself is NEVER OKAY. Better times are always as they say "only a day away". Look forward to better times when you feel sad. It will really help and I promise better times will come too.

Humor is sometimes the best way to deal with a bully. Just laugh back at them and make fun of yourself. I know this seems impossible, but perhaps just pretend as if you were an actor in a movie and do it. Bullies just want you to cry, so if you are doing the opposite and laughing, you made them lose at their own sad game.

Focus on your own achievements and goals, whatever they are, while these losers make fun of people. People can only do so much, so while they focus their energy on hurting people, you focusing on improving yourself. In the end they will be mopping your floors, assuming you even want to hire them!



commented May 31, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (75,180 points)
Yeah! What she said!
commented May 31, 2017 by anonymous
What if I already do hurt myself?to beth
commented Jun 1, 2017 by Beth

You need to of course STOP hurting yourself NOW. I really think you have to tell your parents, teachers, or someone else you trust about it to get proper help. Some things are best helped with people who are experts at dealing with that type of problem. 

There are professionals, like a counselor or therapist, who I know can help you deal with these feelings safely so you don't ever hurt yourself again. Please get help. Do it for all of us that care for you!

commented Jun 1, 2017 by anonymous
I am getting help but every time I think about my dad I just want to hurt myself even more......but I am stoping because it is getting better and now it is real rare for me to hurt myself

commented Jun 1, 2017 by Beth

I'm really happy to hear that you are getting help with your problem and that it is improving. regular_smile

commented Jun 2, 2017 by anonymous
Well thanks beth
commented Jun 3, 2017 by anonymous
Going to my dads and I hate him and I don't want to go but my mom is making me go

commented Jun 3, 2017 by Beth

Talk to your mom about your feelings and why you don't want to go see him. I would also talk to your therapist about it. The more people you ask, the more help you will get.

I think your dad really cares about you and wants to see you, but is bad at dealing with kids, like knowing what is hurtful or not. I know my father really loves me, but he at times says stuff that is very hurtful to me, like he will just blurt out that I don't have enough friends or need to get in better shape, but I later learned that he says stuff like that to everyone and does not mean it to be hurtful. He is "trying" to be constructive. I'm just too sensitive to deal with that kind of person in general. However, once I realized this, it made our relationship better and I learned to be more accepted of him and his often harsh ways of offering help, since I know he means well.


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