for boys only if you have a crush in your school or anywhere

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asked Jun 23, 2017 in Personal by muna (1,010 points)
commented Sep 30, 2017 by rae (86,620 points)
lol i'm a girl and it's extremely hard for me to talk about my feelings. that's just how i am.

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answered Jun 24, 2017 by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,300 points)
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I don't think boys like to talk about there crushes.

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my gf likes 5 other boys and you. i dont know if she is leading me or not. plz tell me so i know wether or not to be or thanks to all that answer

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Any body can look at the girls only or boys only posts. So can you make it so only account who you know are that gender have access to them and if you are not logged in you do not have access either.

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Brush your hair after you take a bath or else in the morning you will not turn out good!

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I had my first period last week. There was more blood than I expected. I was hoping it would happen when I was a bit older but most girls have when they are around my age ... mum at the moment. Later this week I will see her again. How do I tell her?

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Also, when I tell him he has a crush on a girl, he flips out and tells me stop saying he has a crush. So it is okay for him to do it to me and I can not do it to him?

asked Apr 17, 2016 in Personal by fashion girl
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Also, when I tell him he has a crush on a girl, he flips out and tells me stop saying he has a crush. So it is okay for him to do it to me and I can not do it to him?

asked Apr 17, 2016 in Personal by fashion girl
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How To Know If You Have A Crush 1 Whenever you see him your heart races and your legs turn into jelly. 2 When he talks its like your the ONLY two people in the ... lot in the morning, night, and sometimes all day. hope this helps, The Nerd Who Sings

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How many days do you have or are you out?

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At my school, it's grade Kindergarten to forth, where you get 2-6 iPads for the classroom. At grade 5-Senior year you have an own an iPad for the school year, and return it at the end of the year, and get the same one next year. Anyone else?

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When I found out that you liked gem & Lou,I fell apart

asked Jun 30, 2017 in Personal by anonymous
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If you have a serious crush and you want to tell someone I'm the person to tell I never told a serious secret ever at least I think I haven't and no one knows who you are really.

asked Feb 17, 2017 in Personal by Twilight
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I have a crush on somebody at my school and he toatally looks identical to Josh Hutcherson!

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I have a really strong crush. And if you ever have seen the Hunger Games, he looks identical to Peeta Mellark. I heart him. I want to date him, what should I do?

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Do you think you have the talent of singing? If you do,you may enjoy this club,no guarantees but,this club may have,singing sleepovers with,karaoke singing,dinner,drinks,movies and more!

asked May 19, 2017 in Music Club by BreezyMoonDancer (5,380 points)
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i need help how many people are military lovers i am

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I do it for both

asked Mar 27, 2013 in Other by Cupcake549 (32,390 points)
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Do you want your own realistic female avatar? This is mine: Tell me what you want below and I will create it! (P.S. Boys can also have an avatar, but it has to be female. The game I use has no male models.)

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Would you wrather?

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Hi there. I'm almost a teenager, so if anybody can explain me about being a teenager, that would help. Well, I don't need it quickly, but please if you read this, can you answer it now? Because I'm eleven this year

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