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Which highschool do you want to go to? (If you don't go to highschool already)

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asked Jun 29, 2017 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
I am focused on going to Canterbury although it's quite expensive.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 29, 2017 by Vanilla Bean (85,390 points)
I want to go to Norwich Free Academy,since it's close to where I live

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I want to go to NFA ( Norwich Free Academy) and for college, I would go to Yale or Uconn

asked Jun 29, 2017 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,390 points)
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4 answers 471 views

I like Angie Miller!!!

asked Apr 20, 2013 in Other by smile828 (31,950 points)
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Brush your hair after you take a bath or else in the morning you will not turn out good!

asked May 19, 2016 in AskTyler043007 by TylerTheDrummer (74,220 points)
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I like to plant pumpkins because they are easy to grow,and my mom makes good pumpkin pie!

asked Jun 28, 2017 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,390 points)
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Please pick one below or say other and type the movie's name.(must be pg) Kung Fu Panda 3 Norm Of The North The Good Dinasour Beauty and the Beast(2017) Finding Dory Toy ... of pg-13 movies. I hope you have a lot of fun with this movie vote! Lou Lou

asked Jan 26, 2016 in General Entertainment by Lou Lou
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What is your first name? :) Although I'd rather not say mine (I'll just say it starts with a L and spelled differently then the common version) because I've already told ... your name and b-day to find out who you are). But what's your first name?

asked Apr 1, 2017 in Personal by -GEMHeart- (277,280 points)
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asked Aug 4, 2017 in Polls by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
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Please recommend! Any gender! The way I wouldcommunicate with my pen pal would be by email.

asked Feb 9, 2016 in Personal by FindTheJoy, pen pal-less
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​Reminder! Due date to my poetry contest is in 12 days!

asked May 3, 2016 in Poetry Contests by FuzzyFuzz
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I want either Jessie or Natasha win!!

asked Aug 15, 2013 in Film / TV by mathgeek36 (41,550 points)
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So I was thinking this: what if specific kidzsearch users could make rules for what should be in specific categories (for example, wether a post in Fashion/ ... categories. I will list the candidates of this Kidzsearch election in a different post.

asked Jan 7, 2017 in Other by L (75,500 points)
+6 votes
8 answers 151 views

I would live in Switzerland.

asked Oct 18, 2016 in Other by #Cindystrong-Sky (14,420 points)
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asked Oct 26, 2014 in Other by tdtl1802 (13,350 points)
+7 votes
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-Pairs ,France -Sicily, Italy -Egypt, Africa -Bolivia, Brazil -Some city in U.S -Other

asked Jan 25, 2019 in Travel by lypi123 (7,160 points)
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asked May 6, 2017 in Other by anonymous
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I had my first period last week. There was more blood than I expected. I was hoping it would happen when I was a bit older but most girls have when they are around my age ... mum at the moment. Later this week I will see her again. How do I tell her?

asked Jan 21 in Personal by C.Clay (16,380 points)
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5 SECRETS ZOOS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW Can you imagine spending your entire life in a small space that isn't big enough to do anything you enjoy doing, ... the Americas in New Orleans died after the power failed and employees were forced to leave.

asked Mar 12, 2017 in Animal Advice Column by -GEMHeart- (277,280 points)
+6 votes
1 answer 54 views

#1: I'm claustrophobic #2: I have minor anxiety #3: I have OCD #4: I'm sorta afraid of blood P.S.You may have known #1 cuz I answered "small spaces" to the question What are you Afraid of.

asked Nov 20, 2019 in Personal by jellyfishlover (23,280 points)
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I am Luna Moonlight/Luna midnight/Fallen Dark Angel, and i cut. I know so many of you are going to comment this saying "dont cut, it' bad for you" but if cutting ... known I cut. Well I do, there isn' much to say, i started cutting recently actually.

asked Feb 21, 2019 in Other by Overcomer of Dark (7,880 points)
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Test N° 7281 Bold Italicized Underlined Strike Through Low letters! High letters! ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! List Number List Dots Quotes! Left Center Right Justified ... Lucida Sans Unicode Tahoma Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana SIZES COLORS!!!

asked Feb 2 in Ask ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (191,420 points)
+5 votes
2 answers 19 views

if you could live one place, where would it be? i would like to live back in Florida... everytime i look at the US map and see my home i get sad, i really miss it, ... but I'm pretty sure it's hard to get jobs there, so naw. What about you guys?

asked 5 days ago in Other by toad aka star (326,030 points)
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1 answer 54 views

In the Kirby club you will ask me a question about Kirby. I know everything about Kirby's first 20 join the Kirby club.

asked Jul 6, 2017 in Other by Snickerdoodles
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4 answers 129 views

My story will be about a girl who has been drafted to another planet to fight and protect it and this planet was made by America so other nations try to take It over ... me find a name for the story and the main character and tell me what you think.

asked Apr 28, 2017 in Other by Twilight
+10 votes
7 answers 88 views

I want to be a teacher.

asked Dec 17, 2016 in Other by Izzy101 (2,670 points)

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