this is an song contest.

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asked Jul 7, 2017 in Art & Music Contests by abby

so all you have to do is write a song by ansering this    the winer wil be disied   julie 11th 2017

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answered Jul 8, 2017 by Poppy (6,850 points)
Drip drip drop drip drop drip there goes the rain drops falling down like the failure in the world splashing on the Earth's surface

Take a minute and breath in all that pollution and gas from cars riding around .

Please take a seat here some napkins all made from trees that are cut down then this happens


Poeple want money hey that comes from trees to just something in your pocket hope you lock it before its gone


Hey you online boy oh boy you lost time looking at the screen at the trending section while you could be running dancing and jumping having fuuuuuuun

But drip drop drip drop I'm on the edge straight or not fast food chemicals an plastic surgery what have we become?

A blinded society Pitty shall we pray you want make up wanna be a b cup? New shoes?

What about that poor guy? Trying to buy a car but prices for higher and higher an people keep getting fired and fired

Uhg now a robot can do my job artificial food oh well it looks good don't care what's in side because

Drip drop drip drop there goes the rain drop falling down
commented Jul 8, 2017 by L (78,470 points)
An accurate picture on how messed up modern society is. Excellent work!
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answered Jul 8, 2017 by Lollypopqueen (35,670 points)
That perfect face;

Every body wants to be someone
Go somewhere and be that girl
But is it really worth it to be perfect? What is perfect? (Guitar)
Call it perfection but I - call it ne- glection coving up your face playing dress up to impress then you mess up
Seeing that cold look in everyone's eye no surprise (guitar (

When from books and education to highlights and bueaty information

Everything's has changed since we put a new face on the world trying and trying to be perfect but is it really worth it?


Went from science fairs to bueaty pageants

A while new idea to be perfect we are forgetting what really matters

You don't have to have a super power have to have a boy following, likes on your profile name brand and expensive shoes

Why not perfect grades, perfect grades, and a family to enjoy
You don't need make up oh please come on and wake up

You can love a boy band but do you love your self? Got pictures of them but none of your self

You want these things bueaty and merchandise makes you melt turning you into someone else

Hey why not a doctor or run something your self

You want love by someone why not your mother or your father for once?

You want love but why not love your self before someone else

Make your life worth it not make it perfect  do what you need to do cause you are true
.Don't be down and blue understand that you are you

Don't be sad to love yoooou with out all the makeup fancy ol dress up

Be happy cause you are you

Do not copy this hope you enjoy!!!
commented Jul 8, 2017 by L (78,470 points)
A song about being yourself? A good idea, and this song is just that!
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answered Jul 7, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (291,410 points)
They say

that I am perfect

but they don't really know what is going on inside...

(inside, oooooooh, insiiiiide.)


They say

the world is a stage and it is waiting for meeee (for meeee)

But they don't really know that its not.


They saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

We can be great together,

but they have never seeeeeeen the real meeeeeeeee.


They say, they say, they say....

that I will seceed,

but there is a glasssss ceiling....

and my name ain't hammer.



(this is not my best, and sorry for improper grammer. I was typing on my computer and I am not good at it)
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answered Jul 7, 2017 by ∆Buttercup∆ (4,170 points)
Buttercups and gum drops are bitter sweet to me (ringing bels)

can you pick me up and put me down to your heart beat? (Soft drums)

Spin me around keep my secrets be mine for life (tsk tsk drunk sounds)

Close my eyes tell me I'll be sade (saaaaaaaafe!!! Choir) cause what is love with out any peice of love and me and you

Is this true you'll be mine mine mine mine mine for life I look at you up and down waiting for you to say

But instead you walk a way ( drums pic up beat) I say I'm fine but here we are once again safe at home

Hopefully your mine just me and you and you me alone were just playing hiden seek it's getting hard to the love you say you have


But suddenly.....I see......I believe..... And I NOW KNOOOW (KNOOOW!!! Choir) that buttercup and gumdrops are bitter Sweet to me

Look me in my eyes and tell me that you love me ( lah lah lah OOOOH lah lah lah la lah) tell me that you Love me!!! (eletric guitar) ( that you love me!! Choir)
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answered Jul 7, 2017 by BrandonBikerBoy (8,820 points)
Itsint it amazing how me and you have no clue what ever we do

We're blinded cause we look in each other's eyes got love on my mind, and a heart in my chest

( Drums)

You tell me you love me gone the next day I'm waiting by the phone two weeks later you finnally home we are blinded (BLINDED!!) With the heart of our souls

Don't know what real love is even if it hit me in the face but you put me back in my place go from up and down to all around you (YOOU) with the pumping of my heart beat I found my seat right next to you (OOOOO)

You stole me heart hey back again ignoring me now you want me back again not no more no way hozay I was BLINDED ( BLINDED 3x) i kissed I fell you put me back and right back out again (RIGHT BACK!!) But not again because I was BLINDED!! ( BLINDED 3x!!!)

GOT me all charged up I'm an electric wire attracted to you but you just pull me in and put me back in not going through this again!!! (AGAIN 2x!!!)  Cause I was BLINDED!!; (BLINDED 4x!!!)

Ooooo Oooh oh oh OOOOH I was BLINDED!!!
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answered Jul 7, 2017 by L (78,470 points)


It is finally summer!
Though the heat is a bummer, 
Summer is funner 
Than being at school. 
(Electric guitar playing well) 
(Chorus:) Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 
Yeah yeah yeah. 
In school we take EOG and NCFEs, 
In summer we swim in the pool. 
In school we go to the cafeteria, 
In summer we go to the beach. 
In school most other students eat cafeteria food, 
In summer we eat watermelons. 
In school we wear spirit wear, 
In summer we wear wear bathing suits to the pool! 
(Electric guitar playing well) 
(Drummer drums on largest cymbal to the left) (3X) 
Summer is a great time of year, 
To spend time with your peers. 
Summer (4X) 
(Drum solo) 
(Largest cymbal to the left is hit with a drumstick) 
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answered Jul 7, 2017 by Vanilla Bean (85,770 points)
Your smile,your eyes

Only thing that matters is what lays


you don't need make up

to cover your beauty,

You think that it's your duty.

But everyone

Can find a little sun

In the rainiest days

background singers: no matter what they

Me: we'll find a way,we'll make it stay

Background singers: we'll find a way,

Me: together,hey

Background: we'll make it stay

*clapping to the beat*

Me : and if we don't find a way we'll make one

Whoa oh whoa oh

Make a little suuun,

In some one else's raiiiin

Cuz together,we'll find a way

And if we don't find a way,we'll make one

Even better then the rest

Cuz you beautiful

Passed the test


Background: find a way,find a way

Claps to the beat

Whoa oh

Whoa oh

We'll find a way
commented Jul 7, 2017 by BrandonBikerBoy (8,820 points)

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