RatKind: Prologue

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The lone rat skirted the edge of the silent forest, the raw moonlight illuminating his his slender, galloping, grey form as he darted quietly across the moor. After he had sharply rounded the woods, he plunged into the thick woods. He pelted blindly through the willows, and then he skidded into a wide, grassy clearing. As he regained his footing, he settled down, eyes on the dark sky, and settled down, his hairless, long tail tightly wrapped formally over his shaggy grey paws.

Then a fluttering of wings met his ears, and then a slight thud of a rat gently hitting the ground with his paws. The first rat glanced swiftly at the scarlet-furred newcomer.

"Welcome, Fox."

The Wyvern rat dipped his head. "And to you, Ash."

Ash and Fox averted their eyes from one another and fixed their gaze on the starry sky. As they observed, another Wyvern rat circled overhead and plunged, landing expertly in front of the others.

"Greetings, Fever." said Ash formally.

"Hello, Ash. Where are the others?" the pale grey female inquired, her belly laddened with thick down; she was obviously pregnant, and approaching her last weeks.

Fox intervened. "Fever, the other Wyvern rats had some business in Oracle Kingdom to attend to become they come here. The Dragon rats are coming now, and the last Earth rats are finishing up their patrol for the night."

"And the Mermaid rats?" Fever replied, wheezing, as she hauled herself beside Ash.

"Traveling by waterway."

Ash pointed to the sky with a paw. Three Dragon rats tumbled from the dark expanse, landing clumsily. At Ash's confused expression, a blue buck said breathlessly,

"Lots of wind!"

"Hi, Scream," Ash said wearily to the speaker and to his two windswept comrades, "Hello, Ghost and Wail."

Ghost winced. His torso fur was tattered, revealing a colony of nasty welts. "I got a little too close to an enemy Hellhole rat." he said, as Wail gingerly massaged the inflamed areas with his tongue.

As he spoke, a pair of Earth rats joined them.

Fever grinned. "Lady Coral! Sea!" she exclaimed, her eyes fixed on the two blue-pelted does.

"Greetings," Lady Coral said wearily as a trio of Mermaid rats slithered on the ground beside her, their heavy fish tails dissolving into a pair of large, webbed feet. Ash could hear a rumbling river not too far way.

"Hi Ice, Gravel, and Siren," Fox said, greeting the soaked rats politely, "Is all of the Council here now? No imposters? Three to a jury?" he inquired business-like.

"No imposters," Lady Coral snapped crisply.

"Then let's get started, madam," Fox said kindly, joining the Wyvern rat jury. "Are we to accept the prophecy or reject it?"

Lady Coral ignored the pronounced worried muttering and said, "Reject. And because you eleven know the exact wording of the prophecy you are to be exiled."

"Exiled?" spat Fox in outrage.

Ash silenced him with a wave of his tail. "This is Lady Coral's decision. We are to respect it. Come. To which island are we to be exiled to?"

"Ferran," Lady Coral replied, and Ash gulped. Ferran was the most dreaded of all Ibal Islands, for it was the most dangerous for kits, and with Fever nearing her due date...

"Very well. Council, come." he straightened up, and everyrat quickly followed. "Let us try our paw at Ferran."

"Not so fast," Lady Coral growled, hacking off the Dragon and Wyvern rats' wings off, leaving only bloody, mangled stumps, the mark of a traitor. They all gasped but endured the sharp agony, and then Lady Coral transported them to Ferran.

They knew they could never leave and tell those of the prophecy that may have well saved all RatKind.


(To be continued ...)

Chapter 1: https://www.kidzsearch.com/questions/30119/ratkind-chapter-one
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I LUV IT!!!! It's so cool,I can't find words!
answered Jul 9, 2017 by Vanilla Bean (74,500 points)
Thxxxx u so much!
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answered Jul 9, 2017 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (132,190 points)
Thx u! :D
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good job gemmy
answered Oct 4 by luna midnight (28,600 points)
Thx Luna!
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SUPER GOOD! Great grammar, lots of detail so we know our surrounding, great characters, ect!
answered Oct 16 by Knight Star (108,690 points)
Thanks Knight! Yeah, before I was good at drawing I was good at writing, though I bet my writing now would be even better.

Yep! I think your writing is always good!!bucktooth

Aw thanks!!!

NP, even one year ago you had the best, and I mean the best writing skills!a-B)

Thanks so much Knight. My writing has always been good I guess. ;) I am not adding as much detail to my new story cuz I want people to think, and I also want to make it more of like a journal.

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