KidzNet is Now Open...

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We are opening up KidzNet as a beta release. You will only find a link to it on the KidzTalk menu for now near the end/bottom menu. You can also just click on to get to it. Once things look stable, we will have it integrated into the main KidzSearch menu. This initial version has only basic features, but we will be rolling out more things over time. You can look at it as a safe fully moderated Social Network, similar to Facebook in concept, for kids of all ages.

A few important points.

1.) You need signup for a new KidzNet account, even if you have a KidzTalk account. Be sure to enter your parent's e-mail. Usernames can only have letters and numbers. Passwords need to be over 5 characters. No spaces or special symbols in the username are allowed.

2.) Once you signup, an e-mail will be sent to the address you used. A confirmation link must be clicked on before the account can be activated.

3.) We will be very strict with personal information. You cannot post personal pictures, full names, or anything else that can identify a person. Everything you post gets reviewed first. If we see personal information it will be deleted. Posting repeated personal information can cause your account to be deleted.

4.) We highly suggest you upload your Avatar and Cover picture. For now, you may only be able to do this on a desktop computer. Profile picture uploads are not working properly on many tablets/mobile devices. We are working to fix this issue.. If you need help, just post the Avatar and Cover picture you want here and we can get it updated for you. Absolutely no personal pictures will be allowed. You can see the KS profile here:

Notice that profile pages have a /u/ at the end, which is important.

5.) Your posts can be seen and read by different types of people based on where and how you post them. Posts made in the News Feed main section are seen by everyone. Posts made on your Timeline/Wall (where you have your cover picture) are only seen by your friends when they go to their News Feed. News Feed posts can be public or private. You can also form public and private groups. You need to Friend a person and they must accept your friend request to see friend posts. The best way to learn to use it is by trying it out. It should be intuitive for the most part.

6.) All posts are moderated, so it could take some time for your content to be approved so others can see it. However, you will be able to immediately see anything you post if you are logged into your account.

If you see any problems or have questions, please post them to us on KidzTalk or KidzNet. 


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answered Jul 15, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (73,360 points)
Awesome!  I'm going to it right now!
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answered Jul 15, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (271,810 points)
Yes! Checking it out NOW!
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answered Jul 15, 2017 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (159,460 points)
I'm on it right now! Friend me!
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answered Sep 21, 2019 by Kitten (366,070 points)
Why was this posted twice??

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We are opening up KidzNet as a beta release. KidzNet is a fully moderated safe social network made for kids of all ages. Links to it are on pages. ... see any problems or have questions, please post them to us on KidzTalk or KidzNet.

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If you like using this forum (KidzTalk), you will love KidzNet. KidzNet lets you "friend" other users and keep updated on what your circle of friends are doing, ... friends too! You can signup for free using this link:

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This is mine Cute isn't it?

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Hello guys! It's JD2005 from KidzNet! I didn't make an account here, though.

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KIDZSEARCH!!!! YOU HAVE OVER 8,200 USERS ON KIDZTALK!!!! Though a lot are inactive/spam I'm sure but still!

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All other questions are not kept up to date for members. This one is the one that will be updated. Here are the ... Senior Member FortnitePlayer AlbiSeli loading0slowly lunamoonlight rockabillykitty123 Queen157 KnightStar ArtistGirl Autumn Benji8250

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If you prefer writing on kidznet, the magazine is also on kidznet now. All submited articles will be posted on The group link is below. Have fun, writers!

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If ya do friend me!

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My name will be Rachel and my picture will be.....

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Every time they have a poll about KidzNet, I feel like we get closer and closer to KidzNet!

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i want a photo of the eiffel tower.thanks!

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