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Help problem with my cousins

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asked Aug 19, 2017 in All Advisors by Emojicongirlgirl
Please help I'm the youngest cousin and every time I see them there like hey and pull there phone out and start texting each other I have no phone so I'm always left out but I'm to scared to tell them how I feel I don't know why and I want to break that habit and play with my cousin

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They're comin tommorow! Btw i wont be posting this weekend. Have a great weekend!

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Thx so much for answering my post

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It will make your back flexibility really bad!

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I'm I don't know how to say this but here it goes I am really nervous around my mom but some times I want to talk to her but I don't know how to start the talking and I don't know when I should talk and when I shouldn't. Do you have advice for me.

asked 6 days ago in All Advisors by Awesome girl
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Hi if you need help by hitting a oh to like you then here's some tips. Most boys like it when you act your self, and most boys don't like sassy girls and just think your a weirdo. I hope this helps with those boys.

asked 6 days ago in All Advisors by Awesome girl
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Hi if you I want to get a boy to like you then heard a tip. Where dresses more often and act cool around them learn how to Sasha and act sassy around your crush.

asked Feb 10 in All Advisors by Awesome kitty
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I have a crush on some one in my class his name is Ryder and he is really cute I told him I like him and he said he likes me to but these days I am not so sure ... when ever I ask him if he wants to play with me he says yes but then he doesn't.

asked Feb 10 in All Advisors by Worried
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Heyo, y'all! I just have to ask: What are some good anime? They need to be family-friendly, and preferably no blood, because first of all, my little brother watches TV with me, and ... , but is it ok for a 9-year-old kid? (my brother is 9). Pls help!

asked Jan 2 in All Advisors by Dreamsycl_Manokit (62,770 points)

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