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what is a baby gate

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asked Jan 29, 2018 in Other by anonymous

1 Answer

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answered Feb 3 by Kitten (539,560 points)
A baby gate is a small (often foldable) "gate" that you place between doors to prevent your baby or pet from leaving the room.

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I hope there are answers like (I would help my little sisters and brothers) or (I would help everyone I can in the house) no like I would do what I want and stuff. You still need to be good even if you were in charge.

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BTW im changing up the names again, its the same people Bad girl:Lucy Best friend:Bella Gossip girl:Ana Ok so, after all the things i posted in pat one, Lucy and i were ok fiends ... of my classes, so i want to get along with her, what do i do???!!!!

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I have been hearing "suicide'" a lot but I don't know what the word exactly means. Please help me figure out this vocabalary situation1 Thank You!

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