this is cool!

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asked Jan 31, 2018 in Shower Thoughts by hero117
this is a cool website!

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answered Feb 3 by Kitten (562,920 points)
I know, right? I love because it is my safe haven on a busy and scary web.

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So when ever I google something it always ends up being an anime version of what I typed XD

asked Jun 27, 2017 in Shower Thoughts by Lollypopqueen (34,930 points)
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There is this boy that I love,but I don't know how to tell him my feelings for him,because his brother is crushing on me and I don't want to hurt his feelings

asked Oct 30, 2017 in Personal by Ella
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I just got a really strange dream last night. So, in my dream, it was my birthday. Then, a boy that I love gave me a present and then he HUGGED me! But ... that means? Please answer me! I'm always thinking about that dream and it really bothering me!

asked Oct 1, 2017 in Personal by Jenny (21,250 points)
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asked Jun 23, 2017 in Other by arkzo (421,960 points)
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A ​red I​ndian thought he might eat turnips in church. A r i t h m e t I c

asked Nov 22, 2016 in How-To by TylerTheDrummer (74,800 points)
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Say which numbers ya can read. 1. Hlelo. Raed tihs pealse. Is it esay or hrad? Cmoe on. Tlel me. Plasee... 2. ky. T s fct tht ppl cn rd ths nd th lst n. Yr mnd cn rd s lng ... 3. ky. wht bt ths n? tll m pls. Tll m. PLS! prctk! ll ths n s hdrr t rd.

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HI, EVERYONE! It is not fair what people have done against the wolves. Please help me in spreading awareness. To help make a post supporting ... or answer this post. Please join me in spreading awareness. #HelpTheWolves lunalovegoodmolly

asked Jul 15, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (245,550 points)
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Ya know that game Pokemon Let's go Pikachu? If you do how do you get to the seafoam islands and all that junk???

asked Apr 29, 2019 in Other by Jboss
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I want an advise column that is like the creative kidz club but a column instead where people can get help with crafts or writings of any sort. I would like ... questions if she would like to. Depending on what gemmy says will deside the name.

asked Oct 20, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (90,070 points)
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This is kind of long. Sorry. So there was this school trip. I met this guy and I really liked him. He was all charming and sweet and all of the things I couldn't help ... the other sude of the hallway just to say hi. Did I mess things up THAT bad???

asked Sep 22, 2017 in Girls' Advice Column by Cae
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i am 16 and i have a good life , great parents and siblings and family and one amazing best friend. but when i do something fun i feel like i didnt even do it i feel like ... i can fix it? is it because of the bf thing . i dont want to feel like this

asked May 19, 2016 in Personal by ineedlove
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What is the coxsackie virus and what is hand,foot,and mouth disease? I'm asking because sadly I've been at home about 3-4 days with both illnesses! Also what can I do to get rid of this? -AzzyPopStarz

asked Dec 8, 2015 in Health & Fitness by AzzyPopStarz (1,940 points)
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what is bandwidth.

asked Jan 28 in Science by anonymous
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Okay, I have never done this before, but I would like to now I guess. Any way, I have a question. Has anyone seen Harley? she went missing a week ago, and i'm ... . Also, if I find out she cheated on me, you can guarantee it won't be pretty.

asked Jan 23 in Personal by Joker
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what is Brown but with no reds or blues, only yellows, and greens, It is for my art homework. I know red and blue make purple but thatys is about it

asked Dec 19, 2019 in Homework Help by Paul
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I am a lesbian, but in the country I live in it is considered a sin, everyone tells me that it is bad. Goin through some rough times

asked Nov 5, 2019 in LGBTQIA Club by Jabber (24,070 points)
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I would like to see how many views this gets for this question.

asked Oct 2, 2019 in Other by LunaLight (90,070 points)
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I can only vote a few hundred times in an hour.

asked Aug 10, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Kitten (562,920 points)
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BTW im changing up the names again, its the same people Bad girl:Lucy Best friend:Bella Gossip girl:Ana Ok so, after all the things i posted in pat one, Lucy and i were ok fiends ... of my classes, so i want to get along with her, what do i do???!!!!

asked Dec 4, 2018 in Personal by Strawberry J.A.M
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So, the day before thanksgiving break, my class was coloring and watching charlie brown thanksgiving, i was sitting in my friends chair because i wanted to talk to my friend ... says she forgives me but clearly doesnt. WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????

asked Nov 28, 2018 in Personal by Juosetttaaaa
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asked Apr 10, 2019 in Videos by Ammy K.
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Click here to play a fun online game called Dump, Date, Marry! If you are a boy, you will most likely want to play this version. HAVE FUN!

asked Mar 16, 2019 in General Entertainment by Ammy K.
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I find this a really fun way to write my answers and questions. You should try it! But do not cop and paste one of the fonts from here in the real question cause it ... ) This is a really fun thing to try. Hope you enjoy!!

asked Feb 14, 2017 in Technology by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)

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