Help me deal with my little sister!

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asked May 6, 2018 in Girls' Advice Column by DiscoveryEmma (1,010 points)
Little sisters are so annoying! Help me!

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answered May 8, 2018 by Friendsrule (51,280 points)
selected May 20, 2018 by DiscoveryEmma
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Yeah, they are, but it's still nice to have her around, because it you didn't have her your be all alone in the world. But if she gets too annoying to go your room lock your door, and maybe she'll leave you alone. Or if you want get your video camera, phone, or tablet and video tape her she might tell, but that's just what little sisters do. Now take that video and show it to her, and tell her your gonna put it on YouTube unless she behaves. I hope it works, and it it doesn't dump water on her to cool her off!
commented Sep 17, 2019 by BGPearl (4,370 points)
Yes, yes. But it is rude, wrong, and plain mean to videotape people without their permission. Instead, ignore them because they WANT the attention. They WANT you to get into trouble. So when you don't follow their evil little plan, they get even MADDER! Woo-hoo!

P.S I have 2 sisters, works even better than a charm!
commented Nov 12, 2019 by Autumn (66,940 points)
That's a good comment.
commented Nov 16, 2019 by Kitten (545,670 points)
Hi Autumn
commented Nov 17, 2019 by Autumn (66,940 points)
Hi Kitten!

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