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asked May 14, 2018 in Writing Contests by Vanilla Bean (85,840 points)


cupcake Write a poem or short story! Show your talent!

Rules are:

  • Must be your own work,If any form of plagarism is made,i will contact KS
  • Anyone can join!
  • No colored text
  • Say what you are presenting and say your Username
  • E.X Vanilla Bean:Haiku
  • Please join!!!!
All users can vote on. What they like.PLEASE VOTE!!! Prize is best answer and a vote,and a shout out post just for you,AND you can request. Me a drawing!!
If you want to register,please answer this post with the form below,
How many points you have ( for members)
And what you are planning on doing.If changes are made,contcypt me!
commented Oct 13, 2018 by Tintin1956 (3,280 points)
oh, and I have 700 points

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answered Feb 27, 2019 by Queen157

I looked into her eyes. I saw the ocean's beautiful waves and felt the sun,burning on my skin.


It was a beautiful feeling.

I had the urge to earn her love more than anything else. I didn't care what it took,she was my true love. She sat on a bench and started writing some things. I walked towards the bench and sat there,trying to look nice.  

"Hey,um...",I stuttered. The lady looked at me and smiled. "Hello. Do you want me to move?". I finally managed to speak. " I love you." She frowned at me and even though she did not say any words,I heard Is this some sort of joke?  "I'm sorry. I just...",I say. The lady gets up and moved. Why had I said that? 


commented Feb 28, 2019 by TylerTheDrummer (76,410 points)
Just so you know, I think Vanilla Bean left awhile ago.
commented Jan 5, 2020 by Pumpkin (755,010 points)
she's on kidznet
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answered Oct 13, 2018 by Tintin1956 (3,280 points)
by :Tintin 1956

The sad skate

It was another bright and early day, as I walked up to the ice rink.

I laced my skates, and got on the ice.

As I skated around, I dreamed about my upcoming show, how I would skate out on the ice with beauty and grace. The music would start, my friends would cheer, I would do my program. At the end the audience would scream and yell, I would that my bows and smile. I would exit the ice, and win gold, with flowers around my neck and skates.......

I quickly work up from my dream as I heard my coach yell at the top of her lungs "Tin, come on. Lesson time"

I hurried over to her and started my lesson.

"Loop Loop." coach said to me.

" 'kay." I said as I started to skate quickly around the circle to go into my jump.  I put my right leg up too about my waist, placed it back down on the ground, did a three turn, then started to take off. As I turned to jump in the air, the ankle rolled, and down I went.  I couldn't understand what happened till my friends and coach started helping me off the ice.

 About an hour later I came home from the doctors, but now I have a cast on and was having a hard time walking.  I'm not very emotional so I didn't cry, but I was so sad, because this could mean that I can't compete.

the weeks went by......

Finally the cast came off and I could get back on the ice.

It toke me about a week till I could get my jumps, and the competition then came.  The competition was pretty boring, but I did win 2 golds and a silver.                 I am very happy, because I got to talk to the boy I liked a lot...... but that is another story.

 Throw the best thing was that I was on the ice. Which I realized was the best thing I could have.



hope you enjoy it, this is a true story BTW.
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answered Oct 13, 2018 by Tintin1956 (3,280 points)
I wil be writing a story about figure skating
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answered Jul 20, 2018 by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,510 points)

I have 17,410 points

I will be doing a short story about a girl who is half vampire bat. her name is Bella. The story will be original not copied.
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answered May 20, 2018 by (Taurus) SweetieGem (23,010 points)
(Taurus) SweetieGem

I have 11, 870 points and I will be doing poem about Best Friends
commented May 22, 2018 by Vanilla Bean (85,840 points)
Congrats! You are now in the 2018 Vanilla Bean Writing Contest.Good Luck!
commented May 23, 2018 by (Taurus) SweetieGem (23,010 points)
I wrote it.

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