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2018 Vanilla Bean Writing Contest! REGISTER!e

+7 votes
asked May 15, 2018 in Writing Contests by Moon

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Write a poem or short story! Show your talent! Rules are: Must be your own work,If any form of plagarism is made,i will contact KS Anyone can join! No colored ... ( for members) And what you are planning on doing.If changes are made,contcypt me!

asked May 14, 2018 in Writing Contests by Vanilla Bean (85,370 points)
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Best Friend If you find that person that is nice, and they will protect you by being a sacrifice then that person will be your Best Friend. If they make you laugh and they ... to lay with you by the bay, then that, my dear, is a true best friend.

asked May 20, 2018 in Writing Contests by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,710 points)
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ṭһıṡ ıṡ ѧ ṿȏṭє ċȏṅṭєṡṭ! jȗṡṭ ẇяıṭє ѧṅʏṭһıṅɢ ʏȏȗ ẇѧṅṭ ѧṅԀ ṭıṭʟє ıṭ "Legendary Cherry Contest" ċȏṅṭєṡṭ єṅԀṡ jȗʟʏ 31ṡṭ!

asked Jul 18, 2018 in Writing Contests by ⓁⒺⒼⒺⓃⒹⒶⓇⓎ ⒸⒽⒺⓇⓇⓎ
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Lou the lover and vanilla bean are you Muslim

asked Dec 5, 2019 in Other by Midnight
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Hope you Like it! I could not find bunny ears but these are the best "ears" I could find.

asked Jun 30, 2017 in Other by -Moonlight- (60,090 points)
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Vanilla Bean! :D

asked May 21, 2017 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
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starting June 22 2017 ending July 5 2019 you can do as many,stories,songs no poems because I will make a poem contests!

asked Jun 22, 2017 in Writing Contests by digglehead (2,220 points)
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Hey guys! JewelSun here, and I want to introduce a new writing contest. The rules are: Writing must be: 14 16 18 20 or 22 Also, the font has to be: Arial ... is due on December 5th. Please answer in answer. 2 paragraph min. 4 paragraph max. ENJOY!

asked Nov 11, 2016 in Writing Contests by jazzlinny (38,120 points)
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Well, I guess this could be a contest or a prompt or whatever. But I am really interested to know what the greatest invention you think is (sounds a bit ... prompts are due until the second Friday of October. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JOIN!

asked Sep 19, 2016 in Writing Contests by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
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Review the rules by searching Vanilla bean contest on KidzTalk.I want to keep this contest live,pkease join!

asked Jul 19, 2018 in Writing Contests by Vanilla Bean (85,370 points)
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Congratulations to our KidzSearch Funniest Pet Photo Contest winners! We will be contacting you individually to claim your prizes. 1st Place ($100 Gift Card) by ... the contest. It was difficult choosing our winners with all the great entries.

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KidzSearch 2018 Funny Pet Photo Contest The Rules Submit a funny picture of your pet! - It must be an original picture you take yourself. - The picture ... vote on submitted entries. Good Luck! Help uploading images contest terms / privacy policy

asked Mar 11, 2018 in KidzSearch Contests by kidzsearch (120,260 points)
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Hope you like it!

asked Jun 30, 2017 in Other by -Moonlight- (60,090 points)
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The Wild Brumby When I stand upon the ancient rocks,crumbling away I hear a thundering of hooves galloping this way And there he is, rearing and pounding the air! ... ,gone again,gone again Off into the wilderness where I wouldn’t see him again

asked Jul 8, 2018 in Writing Contests by Cowgirl
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This weeks theme is : mid-evil times. Next weeks theme is: fanfic ( does not have to have supporting evidence from book or show.) I like seeing your creative sides! ... up with your own story name and comment it to the post with the correct theme,

asked Oct 21, 2018 in Luna's Weekly Story Contest Blog by LunaLight (88,200 points)
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asked May 21, 2018 in Challenge / Quizzes by KIDZ!
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This is where you post your funniest pet photo entries. Remember, the picture must be original and not contain anything personal, like faces of people, names, etc. ... card. 2nd and 3rd place get $50 gift cards. See rules. Picture Upload Guide

asked Mar 11, 2018 in 2018 Funniest Pet Photo Contest by kidzsearch (120,260 points)
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Write a story that has a maximum of 250 words. No stong or inappropriate stories. Mild gore is allowed. Please keep it kid friendly! 3rd place: Gets a shout out ... A paragraph about what I liked about your writing. Anddddd, a drawing of your choice!

asked Feb 1 in Writing Contests by ❤KittyKat❤ (85,160 points)
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1 answer 40 views

this is my writing contest rules: You can only post one story It has to be a story written by you Results will be shown at the end of this month. thank you!!!! please ... answers section down bellow, or send it to Jabber on KN!! again, thank you!!!!!

asked Nov 8, 2019 in Writing Contests by Jabber (21,440 points)
+7 votes
4 answers 64 views

Hello Fellow Kidztalkers, Today, I would love to announce my new contest! This is an old blog I had, so don't mind. This contest is a Fanfiction contest of any sort ... hardest on all of these, and they will each be two or three pages long on word.

asked Sep 15, 2019 in Writing Contests by toad aka star (325,180 points)
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Write a fictional story about an animal who escapes the zoo. Tell us why the animal escaped the zoo. Do not start the story in the middle. The story has ... The best story will win the contest and get starred. Disqualified stories will get flagged.

asked Nov 11, 2016 in Writing Contests by L
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Write a description for a fantasy creature you made up. This cannot be an animal mashup. There should be no pictures. The description should not only ... description will get starred and win the contest! Disquailified descriptions will be flagged.

asked Nov 11, 2016 in Writing Contests by L
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Hi welcome this is a writing contest You will write in the answer thing. RULES: 1.Writings are due September 23 2016 2.have fun Prompt:a paragraph about grumpy cat Remember:3 explains

asked Sep 13, 2016 in Writing Contests by sama (3,720 points)
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I held an opinion contest which didn't really work out. But I'll try again! Now, I'm holding a writing contest, but not just any old one. Your writing must contain three ... and don't forget, you should all have fun, too! Hope I see your entry, soon!

asked Jun 13, 2016 in Writing Contests by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
+8 votes
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Click REGISTER at the top. Type in your parents email,your username,password. Your parents will get an email to confirm. Finally,you are a registered user! Thank you for reading!!!

asked Mar 15, 2019 in How-To by OpalGemStar (55,390 points)

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