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Hey everyone! I am starting a Paper Squishy Shop!

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asked Aug 23, 2018 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,370 points)
sadly, I can't tell you anything..... Due to privacy reasons ;(

2 Answers

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answered Aug 25, 2018 by Twilight stardust ⭐ (24,180 points)
edited Aug 25, 2018 by Twilight stardust ⭐
Aww that sucks! I love squishes!!!!
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answered Aug 25, 2018 by MooMoo
What the heck is a paper squishy shop?
commented Jan 31 by WelshTerriersssCS (11,630 points)
Yeah, what is that?

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i am trying to get the enlightened badge,can everypony who has had an answer from me turn it into a best answer? please and thank you.

asked Oct 21, 2018 in General Review Q&A by LunaLight (88,160 points)
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Does anyone know what Squishes are? They are made by Kawaii and I'm looking for a place to buy them. I want to see them in person so I can squeeze and smell them to pick the ones I like. I really want one bad. They are so much fun.

asked Jun 13, 2017 in Games / Toys by SquishyMonster
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So, I bought this shopkin squishy about a year ago. But me and my friends have recently been debating: Is it bread? Or is it cheese? One of my friends also came up with the idea of a sandwich with random cheese slice on top. What do you think?

asked 1 day ago in Other by Monkeymad60 (7,420 points)
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Tough decision...... I'd say Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Auggie from Wonder. AND NO "I DON'T KNOWS!"

asked Dec 13, 2016 in Books by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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you gonna raise raise raise! higher up up up! UP UP UP! your flying highererer than a million skyeyeyeys! cause your invincable! and your the one above the rest! and your never gonna fall! your gonna rise! higher than a million skys!

asked Nov 1, 2018 in Other by LunaLight (88,160 points)
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Can you guys tell me yours and help me think of one?

asked Jul 2, 2017 in Other by Friendsrule (51,250 points)
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Everyone's so active.In Connecticut it's 11:35 am

asked Jun 27, 2017 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,370 points)
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This way, I can get an idea of the majority of people in one grade, so I can create reasonable talks, math help sessions, and writing sessions, for the right mature aged ... you don't have to give me any more info, like your age or whatever. ;)

asked Jun 14, 2017 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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Mine is Malala Yousafzai and Marley Dias. Who's yours?

asked Mar 29, 2017 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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i'd say im an older kid, since my age range is 10-13 for a younger kid age range, i'd say 6-9 what's yours?

asked Nov 19, 2018 in Polls by taco queen
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Hey guys! I want you to know that for my advice column, "Luna Star's ff Contest," I will make my first contest, which will be up for 2-3 weeks. Luna ... , leave it in the section below, which you'd like next! Tintin was recommended by Tintin!

asked Nov 8, 2018 in Luna Star's ff Contest by toad aka star (324,820 points)
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1 upvote AND answer from each of you, and luna gets to be loved. before choosing listen and watch this: The Moon Rises for those wondering, in lumbra luna est is in the shadow of the moon east, romainian, and nocte is tonight, italian.

asked Oct 19, 2018 in Luna's My Little Pony Club by luna
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5 4 3 2 1 Where are you? XD

asked Jul 5, 2017 in Challenge / Quizzes by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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I have a few; Emma Watson,Katy Perry,Ariana Grande,Thomas Edison,Hillary Clinton and more!

asked Jun 11, 2017 in Personal by Vanilla Bean (85,370 points)
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I like to go to this beach called Harkness Park,it is AMAZING! There is also a flower garden,mansion,and the sand at the beach is so deep!

asked Jun 10, 2017 in Travel by Vanilla Bean (85,370 points)
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I want to see how much creative alliterations u guys can think of! Winner gets a shout out.

asked Mar 1, 2019 in Inspirational by OpalGemStar (55,390 points)
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The creative kidz club is a place people can be themselves and express anything in anyway. Any one can post here and it is 100% judgement free. No standards or ... . You can show songs, books, french even! Anything (except judgement) is welcome

asked Oct 14, 2018 in Creative Kidz Club by LunaLight (88,160 points)
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i will do a blog weekly for more info read the first paragraph of hey i am starting a story contest please check it out i hope you will like it

asked Oct 8, 2018 in Luna's Weekly Story Contest Blog by luna midnight
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alright every week i will give you a theme you have to write a ONE PAGE story based on that theme comment me the title and on fridays i will announce the ... get ahead next weeks theme is: tintin. Btw next weeks theme was suggested by Tintin1956

asked Oct 1, 2018 in Writing Contests by LunaLight (88,160 points)
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I have made it up to fifth. Now I need to pass Gemmy. I CAN DO THIS

asked Jan 18 in Other by lunalovegoodmolly (224,840 points)

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