Rise of the Wolves: Chapter 2

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After hearing the sudden news Luna went back into her den. She could not believe it: her own papa was dead. She cried for a long time. Luna loved her father more than she loved herself. After a while Luna's mom came to check on her. "Luna? Puppy? Mind if I come in?" Said Luna's mom. "Sure mom," Luna replied. Her mom came in. "Are you okay?" she said. "Yes," Luna lied. "But I miss dad,". "I know little pup, me too," Luna's mom replied. Silence filled the room. "Come on, let's get our minds off of it,". Luna's mom picked her up

.Image result for mom wolf carrying baby wolf


"Where are we going?" asked Luna. "Somewhere I have not been in years" her mom replied which gave Luna a puzzled look. Her mom started digging at the ground. After a while of digging there was a flat stone surface with a symbol on it.¥. Her mom put her paw on it and it started glowing. the surface opened and revealed a dark stairway. They went down. "I think I've heard of these. Are these the catacomes?" asked Luna. "Actually these are the wolfcomes. Cats never used them. But other than that, yes,"her mom replied.

There is chapter 2. Please comment. I appreciate any feedback and ideas. Chapter 3 coming soon.

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Good job!
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I like it! You know the Y sign is actually the sign for Japanese yen (Jap. money)?
commented Oct 5, 2018 by LunaLight (130,310 points)
i would of done a greek symbol but they did nothave any

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