Other Worlds: An Alternate Universe Short Story

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asked Oct 12, 2018 in Luna's Weekly Story Contest Blog by Butter

Pebbles flew across the cobblestone path as the were kicked by a pair of black leather boots. 

Trees of all different shapes and sizes passed by, along with the fluffy marshmallow like clouds. Taking a turn, Doltry traveled further into the thick forest.

Insects and small animals scurried by, their paws clashing with the earthen ground. With a few confusing twists around the woods, an old door was to be found, standing in the middle of a clearing, leading to nowhere.

The crunches of fallen leaves could be heard as Doltry reached her destination. She spotted vines and other plant life growing onto both sides of the door, a flower was even stuck on the center of it.

She took a step forward, and placed a clammy hand onto the rusty metal. With a bit of force, she slowly creaked the door open. She saw a milky white substance coat the other side, hiding something. With one hand on the knob, she lifted the other to touch it.

With little to no struggle, she saw her hand disappear as it hid behind the swirling void. Taking a deep breath, she moved her foot, then her other hand, and eventually her whole body was submerged in the pale white. 

She felt like she was suffocating in the sticky white when she dipped her head in, as oxygen failed to enter her lungs. It was the strangest feeling she had ever felt, air nor gravity seemed to exist in the mini black hole, or, white hole. She couldn't tell. 

Finally gaining the ability to breathe again, she greedily gulped up the air. Eyes closed, she hesitantly opened them.

Brown hues were met with exotic landscapes and creatures. She saw huge tree like figures tower above her.  A small creature that greatly resembled a rabbit hopped by her. If it wasn't for it's multiple eyes and larger legs, she would of mistaken it for one.

Breathing in the unknown air, she sighed, and began her travels.  


​Welcome to the ​Other Worlds.

​This is a story for Luna Midnight's contest story blog! I know this week's theme is tintin, but I've never read/seen it before, so I skipped to next week's theme. I was about to make this into a full blown story, but I saw that Luna was hosting a contest that had the exact theme of the story and decided to enter. I hope you like it Luna!




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answered Oct 12, 2018 by knight
I sure like it! I entered for next week too. I bet you'll be first or second for sure?
commented Oct 12, 2018 by im kanye (373,920 points)
Btw butter I wish I could write stories like that!!
commented Oct 13, 2018 by Luna midnight
Very good but i would like a few more entries for this week. Anyway good job. I will announce the rankings next week. Btw you are more than likely in the top 2 cause only 2 people have entrred for next week so far

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