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can you make a My Little Pony club? i want it to be called Luna's My Little Pony Club please
asked Oct 16, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by luna midnight 2 lazy 2 sign in

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We added it for you and look forward to seeing it active.

answered Oct 16, 2018 by kidzsearch (94,750 points)
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I hope Kidzsearch makes it quick!!! I really want a My Little Pony club!! I've been watching it since 2010 (which is when it came out)!!
answered Oct 16, 2018 by knightstar✧ (287,630 points)

it came out when my mom was a kid she was the one that introduced me to mlp

My Little Pony actually started out as My Pretty Pony but was moved over to Hasbro proper in 1982, shrunk, and released as MLP then.
Ya, I watched the really old version too! But I didn't watch it when it came out, considering I'm not that old lol

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