Kyuusei Chapter 2: Tekishitsu

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Kyuusei Chapter 2: Tekishitsu

"Thank you kindly, Yu-meh-la," said the teacher, his small, fat little face twisting as his tongue wrestled with the strange word. He looked at me as if for help, and I facepalmed in my head. He had said it right the first few times! What's so hard about saying a name?! But maybe he only imitated my mother when she called me Yumeka before leaving and before I introduced myself.

"It's Yumeka," I said squeakily.

"Would you mind if I just called you Yuma?" he said, as if scared I would refuse. Listen, Teach, I can't kick you without getting in trouble, so calm down. 

I had half a mind to scream because Yumeka is such a simple name to say. Yume-e-ka. Why can't you say that?! I want to be called Yumeka, or even Ms. Haruesaki, but NOT a cheap nickname just because you won't try! 


Americans are so stupid. The homeroom teacher smiled a big chesire smile as if to win me over and said, "Very well, Yuma. Please take your seat" -he gestured to a desk very close to his own- "and let me introduce myself."

I sat down right between a guy and a girl. The guy was tall and lean and had a hint of muscle on his arms, and the girl was thin- like, unhealthy thin- and had huge glasses. They both smiled, but not in a genuine way. It was more forced, like they had lost all hope in newcomers. 

"I am Mr. Sharp," said the teacher happily. He stood up and I got the first good look at him. He was still fat and sweaty, but I noticed that he had pinstripe pants and a thin white shirt that were painstakingly tight. He had black hair, green eyes, and a charming-if not annoying-demeanor. 

"Hello, Mr. Sharp," said all the students in a drone. I heard a few of the guys in the back laugh. "Hello, Yuma," the class said to me. Some actually said Yumeka, while others tried mid sentence and switched to Yuma once they failed to say it correctly.

Class began. 

"Hi, I'm Roxy," said the girl beside me, the one with glasses, and I turned towards her.

"You don't look like one," I said, and she grinned, pushing her glasses up. "Why are you so thin?" she smiled, and went silent, opening her math textbook as I asked, realizing how rude my inquiry sounded.

"It's a mystery," said the boy. "The name's John!" he said, shaking my hand. He had feathery brown hair and the brightest blue eyes, which added to his good-natured and well-refined appearance. "I know, my name's plain, right?" he grinned, "I have friends call me Michael, cuz it's my middle name, so maybe you can call me that too."

"Okay, but that means you are basically inviting me to be your friend," I said.

He nodded. "Sure. Never had a cute little Jap as a friend before," he said.

"And you never will," I said, angered by the comment, and turned away sharply to face the teacher. 'Cute little Jap'? Really? Do not comment on my height, or anything! Though I am honored he didn't call me Chinese or Korean, it's just wrong to say that to someone.

"Hey," he said, "I'm sorry, okay?! I know that sounded racist-"

"Don't be," I cut him off. 

We sat in silence the rest of the class. Mr. Sharp taught us all the core subjects, such as math, science, history, and English. Then he sent us off to the more enjoyable subjects that were taught by Mr. Franklin (reading), Ms. Norbert (music), Mr. and Mrs. Ashton (health), and Mr. Petson (art). I didn't enjoy reading very much because Mr. Frankin droned on and on, but art was cool though I had no talent in the drawing Mr. Petson was teaching. 

"Mr. Petson," I said, raising my hand, "do you teach how to draw anime here?" Anything to make me feel at home. Anything. Even if it's cartoons.

"Huh-? Oh, Ms. Haruesaki," he said, and I felt thrilled he could say my name correctly. You just may become my favorite teacher, Petson! He was tall and williowly, like a tree, and silver grey like one too, he was maybe in his early 70s. "I hold after-class tutoring tailored for different drawing styles, but no, I do not teach anime in class."

"Is there a section on it?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes, later on in May. It is one of the last sections," he said, smiling. "You have something to look forward to, no?" 

I nodded and he grinned. "Back to the lesson at hand," he said, and began to draw swiftly on his blackboard, sketching away a vase of white chalk, pointing out shadows and light. 

Art was the last subject, then there was a 30 minute break before we were let out. Several people left during this time, but lots of people stayed. Curious, I did too.

"Why are you here?" asked John Michael. He didn't say it meanly but like a question he was curious about. 

I ignored him. 

He walked up to me, and began poking my shoulder. He earned "the most immature 15 year old in the class" label from me as soon as he began doing that. After about 5 minutes of his prodding, which got sharper and quicker the longer I ignored him, I whipped around.

"What?!" I hissed like a snake.

He grinned that annoying grin.

I had half a mind to slap him.

"Soooooo," he said, "why you here?"

As I was about to say it was none of his dang business, the boys from that morning burst into the room. Obviously detention had let out early cuz it was the first day of school. The ringleader spotted me and made a beeline, his minions following like mindless zombies.

"Yumeka, Yumeka, Yumeka," he said, keeping a distance like he thought if he was far away, my short range attacks couldn't get him.

"Shut up, please?" I said, "or I'll give you a bloody nose again."

"Korean, Korean, Korean," the ringleader said, and his friends entered the chant with confidence. I stood up, and the ringleader flinched and his friends slowly faded in their chant as their boss went silent.

"Um, Yumeka," said John Michael. 

"What?!" I said loudly. 

"You got a message," he said, handing me my powder green-cased phone. "I think it's from your mom."

I glared at the bullies, walked backwards towards the school door, and slipped out as I checked my messages.




1 new message
Coming to pick you up! See you soon, call me when you can. xoxo Mom(
(Sent at 3:48PM, August 1st)



I groaned and punched in her number. She picked up first ring and I leaned on the school wall, which was brick and red and rough, and began talking to her.

"Hi Mom," I said, "how's it going?" I spoke in English, and, taking my lead, Mom answered in English.

"Your brother is being a little jerk as usual," she said playfully, but I knew she was serious.

"What'd he do this time?"

"Began complaining about wanting to go back to Japan," Mom said. "Got any tips for dealing with him?"

"Mom, you're the parent," I said. "But tell him his big sis feels the same."

"I know, honey, but your dad needs this job. We all need it. Don't worry, we will go back soon to visit your sofubo. 'Kay?" she said in a voice that hinted sadness.

I said, "Okay Mom...", thinking about my cheerful grandparents, who were so sad to see us go. They said that they would visit first chance they got, but we've already been here 3 months.

"Okay! See you in 5 minutes then!"

"I'll be in the school."

"Okay, my little akachan." 

"Bye, Mom." I hung up, and went back into the school building. The bullies had left.

John Michael jumped me as soon as I got back inside. "Hello, my little akachan," he said playfully.

"You don't even know what that word means," I said.

"True, what's it mean?" 

I stared at him with distaste. Mom danced in and looked at John Michael. "Oh, hello," she said, 'what's your name?"

"Michael," he said, grinning at me. 

"You got yourself a friend, Yumeka?" Mom said cheerfully, "I am so proud!!!"

"He's not my frien-"

"I am!" he said, throwing an arm around my shoulders, and squeezing me in a side hug. I growled at him and he said, "Oh, what was that, Yumeka?"

I leaped away, grabbed my mom by the shoulder, and pulled her out of the school and into her small little Toyota; I sat shotgun. "He's not my friend, Mom," I said in Japanese so John Michael couldn't try to eavesdrop. 

"Maybe he should, he seemed nice," Mom said.

'UGH," I said, burying my head in my lap. She patted my shoulder.

"I know it's hard," she said.

We drove home in silence. At least I could talk to Dad when I got home. Maybe he could help me somehow.



Dairy Entry 1- August 1st 

I hate you, John Michael! You are such a little brat and I do NOT want to have anything to do with you! If you ever even LOOK AT ME again I promise I will STUFF your ego down your THROAT!!!




Hope you enjoyed and to be cont.!

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1 Answer

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answered Oct 18, 2018 by Queeny (129,950 points)
10 out of 10 chapter! Ok, I'm going to start ranting, so I'm sorry for such a long comment. First of all, I feel you Roxy! People (Mostly my dad) always comment on how thin I am! Personally I think I'm at a good weight, but whenever people talk about my weight it makes me feel like I have to do something about myself to meet up to their standards. Second, I can kinda relate to Yumeka since I'm not originally from America *waves Panamanian flag proudly* but she seems kinda close minded about the situation. Oh well, guess that's what character development's for. Sorry for the long comment but you did great GemHeart!
commented Oct 19, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (290,340 points)
Thx so much ;3 Means a lot! Also, I guess I am good at relating cuz I am actually a American through and through, born and raised here. But I research a lot on Japan so yeah!

Yumeka is closeminded at this point!

And thanks again!
commented Oct 19, 2018 by Queeny (129,950 points)
commented Oct 19, 2018 by im kanye (373,980 points)
Um I'm Panamanian too! I agree, she is close minded at this point, but I think that's a good way to start out the story! Because then she can learn stuff :-)

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