Mlp fanfic/ Astell chapter 2

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"That can't be true, it has always been the two sisters, not the three," said Luna."Not always, I'm afraid, as you and me were the sun and moon Astell was the everyfree forest. For the everyfree forest used too be beautiful with Astell guarding over it, but after a while she grew jealous like you did Luna, but she did not want to be equal, she wanted to destroy everything in equestria and redo it from scratch. The wizard and I did not approve, this made Astell grow angry, causing her to go into a dark spiral, she made a great flood come and wipe everything out completely, some ponies did not survive. Then she tried to destroy the castle of the THREE sisters, because to her it was a sign of hurt and pain that she felt, and a feeling of being unequal to us, me and star-swirled the bearded tried to get her to stop peacefully but Astell shut us out. We had to banish her. We did not want it to come to that," said Celestia. Luna was so inclined to the story she did not notice her sister Celestia had been softly crying. "I wanted to restart and form a new land that could be more peaceful I did not intend to hurt anyone but I tried to tell them a flood was coming, but they would not listen," said Astell. Luna sat there, her mouth gaped open, she was silent until now. "Why did you not tell me we had a third sister before, Celestia?" Asked Luna. "I did it to protect you,"  said Celestia. "Yeah right, she did not want you to know that you weren't the only sister she banished!" Astell said. "That not true Astell!" Exclaimed Celestia. " it's  the truth and you know it!"  Astell said. "STOP FIGHTING!" Luna said. They both stared at her and silenced,. "I will go for now and leave you two to discuss," said Astell.

Here is chapter two!

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I can't even!! So good!!!
commented Oct 18, 2018 by luna midnight

bowa-=. you are a good tomatoe

commented Oct 18, 2018 by im kanye (373,050 points)

Your welcome!dolphin-swim

commented Oct 18, 2018 by anonymous

ha! that is funnier than fart

commented Oct 21, 2019 by im kanye (373,050 points)
what is with our random emoji faze?? XD

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