Can you do this Gemgem?

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can you make a book cover for my mlp fanfic astell?make sure it says story written by magpiepony rewritten by Luna Midnight.ok? and cover by gemgem! for the cover i want it to be Astell sitting in the castle of the 2 sisters on Celestia's throne. to see what Astell looks like either go to chapter 1 for a pic or 4 for a video with her in it to see what she is like.please and thank you!
asked Oct 19, 2018 in GH's Artist Column by LunaLight (68,690 points)

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I can't access vids, so maybe you could post a pic of it for me. I will try, though I have never in my life drawn MLP! I don't even really remember what some of the characters look like, so plz post a pic.
answered Oct 19, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (249,940 points)
Go to mlp fanfic/Astell chapter 1. I made an animated version. Read my Stories too!
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Can't wait to see how it looks like! I could make my version if you'd like:-)  Although I don't know of my posting pictures is working. I can only post on kidznet for some reason, although since I don't know if you have a kidznet account or not. I will try my hardest to post it! Can't wait to see Gem's version!
answered Oct 19, 2018 by knightstar✧ (289,660 points)
Sorry I'm only on kidztalk!
Okay! :-)

try making it and taking a pic on your computer then save it as a file (might have to right click). then go to

and press the pic symbol

I know how to post pictures, its just my phone doesn't work (and neither a computer I have), and so I have to use my second computer, because it worked for my sister to get it.
please make one!

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