mlp fanfic / Astell chapter 5

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meanwhile in a different part of the castle...

"Shadow, I'm growing impatient. I want that alicorn amulet!" bellowed Astell. "I am trying Astell, I warn you not to order me around" said a pony that was half shadow.Astell chuckled. "You warn me? And why do I not want to order you?" Shadow glared at her and then formed into a shadow and went away into another room. Shadow then reformed back into a pony. "I don't get why we had to lock up Luna," Shadow said to himself.


"My Dear Luna"



here is another magpiepony song. Also it has come to my attension some people can't acess videos. here is the lyrics to "my dear luna":



commented Oct 20, 2018 by LunaLight (79,890 points)

alicorn amulet:Image result for alicorn amulet

commented Oct 20, 2018 by LunaLight (79,890 points)

here is shadow:lately he has been turning into a monster, he was born half shadow but not evil.

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