this is howwible:-(

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asked Oct 21, 2018 in Personal by im kanye (374,010 points)
Okay, so I'm excited for tomorrow, although afraid.

One reason I'm excited is because GemHeart will be posting the first chapter of our Harry Potter fanfic tomorrow.

The bad thing is I'm getting graded tomorrow, on an English exam. I had to do the fourth part of the exam tonight, but as you can see, I got lazy.

Also, because to tomorrow is a Monday.

Another reason I'm going to dislike this week is because I have choir, as every week, but my choir uniform changed to a formal uniform (dress, tie, wait no skirt I mean and a white peter pan shirt thing idk). And, my mom was going to get it, but she's gone for the week, so now I have to ask my dad.

If I don't have the uniform, they said I can't practice with the other kids.

Stress and anxiety.

Also, last weeks practice was bad. I was suppose to wear my formal uniform then, but I didn't have it. Uhh. And, my "friend" thought I was crying, but I had a simple cold. Uuhhh

Anyways, just wanted to say the test thing before it happened, I gues i got carried away a bit.

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answered Oct 21, 2018 by LunaLight (124,100 points)
As for english, get as much studying as possible and use the homework help section on here. If it comes down to it use google to search your questions being asked
commented Oct 21, 2018 by im kanye (374,010 points)
I just have to do something called "Citing". I know what it is, but the teacher didn't give me information that much. Thanks!
commented Oct 22, 2018 by LunaLight (124,100 points)
I think it is when you look stuff up about a topic. NEVER PUT DOWN GOOGLE AS A RESOURCE! IT IS A SEARCH ENGINE NOT A SITE!
commented Oct 22, 2018 by im kanye (374,010 points)
Citing is quotes from an article, and putting it in you own essay/article. I still need help lol

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