Silens I (“The Silent Trio”) Chapter 1:

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Silens I Chapter 1

stared wistfully out my window.
The sky was a pure blue. Paired with the cool September air, it was a perfect day. At least to me, you know. I have lots of preferences. Of course, I don't complain a lot, unless something is really not to my liking. I'm not spoiled, but I still have some reign in my life more or less.
My name is Asia. Pureblood, adopted by Luna Lovegood after my parents died. I'm 10 years old, but everyone says I look and act like a young teenager. I am more mature than lots of people my age, at least that's what people say. But people say a lot about me, so I don't really let it go to my head, so yeah.
Anyway, it's September 1st. Today I'm heading to the Hogwarts Express to begin my first year.
"Morning, Asia!" sings Mum, coming in with her odd glasses on. She seizes my luggage and pulls it up on my bed, which is a nice modest blue twin bed. My room is the most normal room in the house, though it does have its quirks. "You have everything ready for today?"
"Oh! Yes, I do, but..." I grinned apologetically, "I haven't packed my Diagon Alley stuff. Can you help me? I think my case is too small."
"Here," Mum said, and after a few minutes, she pulled out everything and beckoned me over. "I know you're not great at organizing, so think about it this way, this is how we Ravenclaws do things, just put it in like a puzzle."
I look down at the suitcase and smile. "Okay, thanks Mum."
"No problem, here's your wand- do not use it on the train, even though I know you know too many spells for your age- and books, and everything. Remember to change into your robes on the train!" Then she paused and smiled absently. "Here's a little gift, for your ride there."
I look up at her and she smiles again. Mum adopted me when I was 6 from an orpanage and she was immeaditely my mum. I love her and she loves me. We are really close.
"What is it?" I asked politely.
"Just a little accessory," she said, holding up a necklace. No, it is not radishes or Butterbeer corks. Thank gosh. It is a nice little blue raven. "For luck with getting into Ravenclaw!" 
"You know I'm getting into Ravenclaw, Mum! There's no other house that would take me, haha," I said. 
"And that's just fine. You'll do great. C'mon, let's get down to the station."
Mum grins and once I get everything into the pack like a puzzle, she helps me haul it into our Volkswagen. We only use it every once in a while, but we will use it now that I'm going to Hogwarts so Mum can drive me to and fro from the station to home and vice versa. I then get in and she drives us to Kings Cross. 
"Are you nervous?" she asked. 
"No, not really..." I said. I really wasn't, not at all. I'm never nervous. 
"Ha," Mum said, "that's good. I was nervous, my first day, you know." She looked absently out the window, doing that Luna thing. I smiled and we sat in silence. Not uncomfortable silence, but a sort of happy silence.
We drove up into Kings Cross station. We got out, and I hauled out my case and put it on a trolley. 9 3/4. I pulled my trolley around. Mum came up behind, and since I was still almost as short as a 10 year old, she could help me haul it onto the correct track so I push it into the wall. Once she helped me push it into the Hogwarts Express  station, I glanced up at the Express.
"Isn't this cool?" I said quietly, and Mum smiled. 
"Okay, we're here!" She said. Then she glanced around, her radish earnings swinging.
Two kids with blondish hair were standing around the Express, their robes already on. A tall woman with curly brown hair was standing there with them, smiling and laughing. I stared at them and then blinked, because one of them glanced at me. 
Mum smiled and waved. The tall woman waved back, then she waved at me. I looked at her questionably, as the two kids, who were identical, leapt on the train.
"Whose that, Mum?"
"Hermione Granger," Mum said. "I'll tell you more about her later, okay?"
"Okay," I said, a little hesitant.
"Get on the train!" Mum said, laughing, "So you get a good spot and make some friends!" 
"Okay Mum!" I said, and Mum helped me pull my trunk onboard, and then I ran down the hall to find an empty compartment. I couldn't find any, so I went into one on random. There sat one of the blond kids I had seen.
"Hi, can I come in?" I asked hesitantly.
"S-sure," said the boy, who looked about my age.
The train started it's whistle, and the rest of the kids leaped into the train.
"Who are you?" I asked the boy, a little quietly. 

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answered Jun 10, 2019 by OpalGemStar (57,130 points)
Awesome intro!
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answered Oct 21, 2018 by im kanye (372,140 points)
I LOVE IT! I hope my chapter will be this good!
commented Oct 21, 2018 by LunaLight (96,960 points)
100% certain it will be, knightsy
commented Oct 22, 2018 by im kanye (372,140 points)
commented Oct 22, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (282,940 points)
It will be! I am glad you liked it.
commented Oct 22, 2018 by im kanye (372,140 points)
Thanks! IDK if it was tho

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